CTL Intel Flex Plus Demo Program

Intel Classmate PCs are exciting purpose designed netbooks which are ruggedized, affordable and ultra-mobile. Use your Intel Flex + points to purchase CTL 2go Classmate PCs and CTL 2go Convertible Classmate PCs for sales demos, samples, seed units and customer testing.

The following products are authorized by Intel to be purchased with Intel Flex+American Express Cards. 
PLEASE NOTE: the only products on the CTL website that are authorized by Intel to be purchased using Intel Flex+ American Express Cards are the products listed on this page. When purchasing the products on this page, you must enter your Intel Business ID# in the textbox before clicking 'Add To Cart' or we will be unable to ship your product. Intel Flex+ cards may not be used to purchase products on this site which are not listed immediately below. Intel Flex+ purchases made for unauthorized products will be voided.


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