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Jointly developed with Intel®, the QSSC-S4R is powered by Intel’s next generation Xeon® processor 7500 series for the expandable server segment. Designed specifically for high performance computing environments such as datacenters and large enterprises, the rack mounted QSSC-S4R features significant benefits including expandability with up to 4 processors with 32 independent processor cores, 1 Terabyte system memory via 64 memory DIMMs, 10 PCIe expansion slots, and as much as 4TB of internal storage.


Unsurpassed Computing Power
QSSC-S4R delivers unmatched flexibility with its 4U form-factor, built in support for up to 32 processor cores, and increased processor cache with the Intel® Xeon® Processor 7500 series. The QSSC-S4R architecture gives any IT manager the extra headroom to run simultaneous processes, greater flexibility to deploy server virtualization/consolidation, and large enterprise level capabilities to run business critical applications.

High Memory Capacity – up to 1TB!
QSSC-S4R overcomes the space limitation of the 4U form factor and can accommodate up to eight hot-swappable 8-DIMM memory riser boards. With 1 TB of system memory, this is double the capacity of the previous generation in this category. From a business planning perspective, this system offers future proof capability to host virtual machines and memory-intensive HPC applications, such as engineering design automation, geophysical modeling, seismic applications, etc. From a memory-budget perspective, the system supports lower cost 4 GB DDR3 registered (with ECC) DIMMs for a total of up to 256 GB. Or alternately, QSSC-S4R supports memory DIMMs of newer DRAM technology and of larger DIMM capacity (at higher cost), such as 8GB and 16GB DDR3 registered DIMMs.

Reliable Internal Storage
QSSC-S4R supports up to eight 2.5-inch hot-swappable SAS/SATA hard drives, delivering up to 4TB of internal storage for demanding data needs. This is the ideal solution for datacenter applications, enterprise database, data warehousing analysis, streaming media, messaging platforms, etc.

I/O Riser Board and PCI Express
The QSSC-S4R I/O riser board houses the integrated Baseboard Management Controller (iBMC). It also extends server versatility by adding additional I/O capacity without using valuable PCIe slots. The system provides additional quad Gb NIC ports, one video connector, one DB9 serial port connector and support for Intel® Remote Management Module 3. In addition QSSC-S4R supports up to 10 PCIe devices (including 4 hot-swappable), reducing server downtime, minimizing data I/O bottlenecks, and providing high bandwidth and scalability.

Redundant Cooling and Power Supply
QSSC-S4R provides high-scale system reliability and availability by redundant power supply (3+1 or 2+2) and redundant cooling (7+1) designs. Both QSSC-S4R power supply units (PSU) and the system fans are designed with hot-swap capability.

With QSSC-S4R server systems, datacenters and large enterprises can gain competitive advantage with increased IT productivity, flexibility, and systems manageability. It is an ideal solution that datacenters and large enterprises can count on now and in the future.

Key Applications:

  • Server virtualization/consolidation
  • Desktop consolidation
  • Large database and data analysis
  • Business-critical applications (ERP, CRM…etc.)
  • High performance computing applications

Product SKU
SKU Part No. HDD Memory FAN Power Supply
QSSC-S4R Value 1S4RZZZ0STJ  6 x2.5" SATA Memory Riser with eight slots x 1 Hot-swappable FAN x 4 850W high efficiency redundant PSU x 2
QSSC-S4R Enterprise 1S4RZZZ0STI  8 x 2.5" SAS/SATA Memory Riser with eight slots x 4 Hot-swappable FAN x 8 850W high efficiency redundant PSU x 4

Dimension (WxHxD, inch)
M/B Form Factor
Processor Support Number (Max) / Type
Intel® Xeon® 7500 series
Intel® QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
Up to 6.4 GT/s
Intel® E7500 chipset + ICH10R
Memory Support Type
DDR3-1066 RDIMMs at speeds of 800, 978 and 1066MHz.
DDR3-1333 RDIMMs running at 1066, 978 and 800MHz.
Memory Slots / Capacity (Max)
Eight Memory riser boards, supporting eight DDR3 registered DIMMs per riser
Up to 1 TB DDR3 RDIMM memory support (16GB/QRx4RDIMM x 32 or 8GB/DRx4 RDIMM x 64)
PCI Expansion
Four hot-swap PCIe* Gen-2 x8 slots (Slot 1 - 2 & Slot 6 - 7)
Three PCIe Gen-2 x4 slots (Slot 3 - 4 & 8)
One PCIe* Gen-2 x16 slot (Slot 5)
Two PCIe* Gen-1 x4 slots (Slot 9 - 10)
One designated PCIe* Gen-2 x8 slot for SAS riser board – in Enterprise SKU
(four hot-plug; incl. one SAS riser slot)
2.5" HDD Bays
6 x 2.5" SATAII Hot-Swap (Value SKU)
8 x 2.5" SAS/SATAII Hot-Swap (Enterperise SKU)
SAS controller
LSI 6Gb SAS RAID card (option)
SATA controller
Intel® ICH10R SATAII 3.0Gb/s
RAID Function Support
SATA RAID 0,1,10,5;
SAS/SATA RAID 0,1,10,5
Integrated LAN
Intel® 82576 Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections x 2
LAN Specification
10/100/1000 BASE-TX x4
Remote Management Module
Server Management support via Intel® Remote Management
Module 3 (Intel® RMM 3) (option)
System Fan
Eight hot-swap system fans in a redundant (7+1) configuration or four hot-swap fans in a non-redundant configuration
Power Supply
850W high efficiency redundant PSU x 4 (Max)
Front I/O
USB (v2.0) x 3 , VGA x1
Rear I/O
PS/2 x2, COM x1, VGA x1, USB (v2.0) x2, RJ-45 x4
Peripheral Drives
5.25" half height device bay for one tape device or optical device
1 SATA DVD-ROM in Enterprise SKU(optional forValue SKU)
Server Management Support
IPMI v2.0

Accessory Part No. Packing (set) Description
Baseboard 10MBZZZ0470 1 in 1 S4R MB ASSY W/O CPU
I/O Riser 1HY7ZZZ011I 1 in 1 S4R IO RISER/B ASSY
Memory Board (8 slots per board) 1HY7ZZZ011H 1 in 1 S4R MEMORY RISER/B ASSY
Hot Swap Back Plane(HSBP) 1HY7ZZZ011G 10 in 1 (bulk) S4R HDD BP/B ASSY
Front Panel Fan Board (FPFB) 1HY7ZZZ011J 10 in 1 (bulk) S4R FRONT PANEL /B ASSY
Operation Panel Board(OPB) 1HY7ZZZ030I 20 in 1 (bulk) S4R OP PANEL ASSY FOR ROW SKU
Power Distribution Board(PDB) 1HY7ZZZ0313 10 in 1 (bulk) POWER DISTRIBUTION MODULE(AC-086 A RS3F)
PCI Latch 1HY7ZZZ037W 50 D H PCI LATCH 369C S4R(EBS4R004,REV3A)
2.5” SAS/SATA HDD Carrier (Black C) 1HY7ZZZ0314 2 in 1 HD-CARR B D37158-001(EBS85008,REV3A)
DVD-RW Kit (1/2" SATA DVD-RW Drive + SATA Optical Drive Cable) 1HY7ZZZ037V 1 in 1 DVD-RW Kit (1/2" SATA DVD-RW Drive + SATA Optical Drive Cable)
Power Supply Module (15Amp, 110/220V) 1HY7ZZZ0315 4 in 1 (bulk) POWER SUPPLY 850W (DPS-850FB A REV:S3F)
Front Fan Module 1HY7ZZZ0316 4 in 1 FAN DC 12V(80*80*38)PFB0812DHE-8J90
Intel® Remote Management Module (RMM3) - 2 RMM3 cables included 1HY7ZZZ0317 1 in 1 PCI-E INTERFACE CARD RMM3 AXXRMM3
Processor Heatsinks 1HY7ZZZ0318 1 in 1 CPU HEAT SINK CCI S4R(FBS4R008,REV3A)
SAS Riser Card (LSI 6G RAID HBA – Castor) 1HY7ZZZ031A 1 in 1 SAS RAID CARD (35460-00)
iBBU07 Remote Converter Kit (QCI BBU cable + LSI converter module) 1HY7ZZZ031C 1 in 1 SAS BATTERY EXTENDED CARD(L3-25185-01)
Rail Kit W/O CMA (Cable Management Arm) 1HY7ZZZ031E 1 in 1 RAIL KIT W/O CMA S4R(FBS4R014,REV3A)
Rail Kit With CMA 1HY7ZZZ031F 1 in 1 RAIL KIT W/H CMA S4R(FBS4R013,REV3A)
CMA W/O Rail Kit 1HY7ZZZ037U 1 in 1 CMA W/O Rail Kit
16-pin DC Power Cable 1HY7ZZZ031G 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R MAIN POWER1(16P,12V,2B)
16-pin DC Power Cable 1HY7ZZZ031H 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R MAIN POWER1(16P,12V,2A)
4 pin DC Power Cable 1HY7ZZZ031I 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R MAIN POWER2(4P,80V,2A)
PCIE Power Cable 1HY7ZZZ031X 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R PCIE PWR(12/8P,3.3V,2B)
Drive Power Cable (Tape and HSBP and FPFB) 1HY7ZZZ031J 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R POWER-FP-HS(8/6/4P,12V,2A
34pin Power Control Cable 1HY7ZZZ031K 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R POWER CTRL(34P,3VSB,2A)
40pin Front Panel Fan Board (FPFB) Ribbon Cable 1HY7ZZZ031L 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R FAN CTRL(40P,5V/3.3V,2A)
8 pin HSBP/FPFB Signal Cable 1HY7ZZZ031N 20 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R DATA FAN-HSBP(8P,3.3V,2A)
Operator Panel Cable (to FPFB) 1HY7ZZZ031P 20 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R OPB-FPFB(12/12P,3.3V,2A)
SATA Tape Signal Cable 1HY7ZZZ031Q 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R SATA MB-TAPE(7/7P,5V,2B)
SATA Optical Drive Cable 1HY7ZZZ031S 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R SATA MB-DVD(7/7P,5V,2B)
SATA SGPIO (HD status signal, baseboard - HSBP) Cable 1HY7ZZZ031T 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R SGPIO MB-HS(6/6P,3.3V,2A)
Mini-SAS HDD Cable (with SAS SGPIO) 1HY7ZZZ031U 10 in 1 Mini-SAS HDD Cable (with SAS SGPIO)/CABLE ASSY S4R MINI SAS1(7/5/36P,5V,2A)/CABLE ASSY S4R MINI SAS0(7/6/36P,5V,2A)
SAS HDD LED cable 1HY7ZZZ031V 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R HSG(2/2P,3.3V,R2A)
RMM3 Cable 1HY7ZZZ031W 10 in 1 CABLE ASSY S4R RISER-NIC(34/34P,3.3V,2A)

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