CTL vs. Dell Computers – A Comparison Of Out-Of-Box Experiences

Douglas Jenkins recently bought a Dell computer and was not impressed with the user experience. Here are his opinions...

A comparison of out of box experiences - CTL vs. DellBy Douglas Jenkins – A Personal Opinion

Quality has always been a priority at CTL and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience our customers have with our products. One of our most recent projects was to purchase a desktop computer from Dell’s online store and compare it to those produced by CTL. My personal opinion follows:

The Dell computer arrived in a cardboard box similar to the ones CTL uses to ship our systems. Upon opening the box we noticed that the foam packaging Dell used wasn’t form fitting. This left a sizable gap for the computer to bounce around in during shipping.  At CTL we use packing material specific to each system to ensure our products arrive safely to our customers. There was also no protective bag around the system like the ones CTL uses.

After unboxing the Dell we noticed the Windows Product Key sticker and system labels on it were crooked. There were also several scuffs on the outer case. This computer would not have passed CTL’s quality process where a system is inspected at every build stage and is rebuilt if any imperfections are found.

We set up the Dell desktop in our test lab and booted it up. After logging into Windows we were immediately prompted to install trial software, and the system needed several reboots before it was ready to use. This experience was in stark contrast to the one CTL provides, where the systems we build are ready to use right out of the box.

I have to say I was not impressed with DELL’s user experience. I really felt that their systems are built without the extra care and attention CTL puts into all of our products.

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