Free White Glove Services for the Month of September

Free White Glove Services for the Month of September

Good news! CTL will be offering free White Glove services for the entire month of September. 
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Good news! CTL will be offering free White Glove services for the entire month of September. 

When you make the decision to adopt Chromebook technology, CTL is here to make that transition as smooth as possible. White-Glove Provisioning ensures that you are able to quickly and efficiently deploy your new Chromebooks into daily workflow.

With the White Glove service add-on, the moment you receive your CTL Chromebooks, you can be assured that they have arrived with the most up-to-date Chrome OS and a fully charged battery. Each Chromebook is hand inspected for defects and errors by CTL experts.

With such a large investment towards your school or organization, device management and loss prevention are imperative to maintaining a successful Chromebook deployment. White-Glove Chromebook Enrollment Service ensures that every single Chromebook device you receive will be logged into a secure database by its serial number. If you choose to manage your devices using individual asset tags, CTL will also tag and record each of your Chromebooks using the tagging system of your choice. CTL also stores your MAC address so Chromebooks are able to be tracked if a device is lost or stolen and offers custom digital logo printing on the cover of each of your devices on orders of over 100+ Chromebooks.

Chromebooks, whether for education or enterprise environments, operate on a cloud-based system of applications allowing all your devices to work together seamlessly. CTL’s White Glove Chromebook Enrollment Service means that each device is automatically enrolled and ready to use with your specified Wi-Fi network, Google Apps Domain, and G Suite account.

With CTL’s White Glove Chromebook Enrollment Service, the time it takes to set up a large quantity of Chromebooks on your network is taken off your hands and placed into the hands of CTL experts. This frees up IT departments and network administrators to focus on training and management of a successful Chromebook deployment.


Normally CTL White Glove Service costs $10/unit. Customers may purchase CTL asset tags and have CTL apply them for an additional $2/unit. For a limited time, White Glove service and CTL asset tags are being offered for free to qualifying education customers who purchase Chromebook devices with a Chrome Device Management License in September. Call 1-800-642-3087 or get in touch with your sales representative this September to order your device with a Chrome Device Management License and White Glove Enrollment Service.

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