Google Tech in the Classroom - Collaboration With Fewer Boundaries for Students, Parents and Teachers

Google Tech in the Classroom - Collaboration With Fewer Boundaries for Students, Parents and Teachers

Here are three ways CTL Chromebooks and Google Classroom can enable better learning opportunities for your students and help maintain regular communications with parents.
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It wasn't too long ago when collaboration between teachers and students were essentially bound by in-school conversations during classroom hours. Parent-teacher discussions were generally delivered in yearly "Meet the Teacher nights", newsletters, and report cards. 

In the digital era, ChromeOS devices and cloud-based applications like Google Classroom offer far more opportunities for students to seek help from their teachers and get feedback on their progress throughout the year. Parents can receive regular updates on their child's progress throughout the year. And family dogs don't have to constantly take the blame for eating homework. 

Here are three ways CTL Chromebooks and Google Classroom can enable better learning opportunities for your students, and help maintain regular communications with parents, without creating a great deal of excess administrative work for teachers. 

1. Reliable, Affordable, Shareable Devices for On-the-Go Students

Democratizing technology access in the classroom and after hours is very empowering for students at all grades and ability levels. Since Chrome OS devices are generally a fraction of the cost of Windows and Mac OS devices, schools and parents find devices from CTL more accessible. Chromebooks, Tablets, 2-in-1s, and Chromeboxes require far less maintenance, because:

  • Application and OS updates happen in the background, without interrupting a student's productivity
  • Since Chromebooks are purpose-built for online applications like Google Docs, Gmail and Google Calendar, all students are on the same version of their technology, without the need for a tech to update systems individually.
  • School-owned devices can be shared easily, as students just need to log into their Classroom ID to access their workspace.

There's nothing more frustrating than having an OS upgrade kick in just when you are about to leave the classroom, the office, or start a test. CTL Chrome OS devices are built to endure rough travels and update without interruption. 

2. Instant Messaging and Web Browsing with Supervision

Teachers, parents, and students often discuss bullying in the real world and cyberbullying through apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat. With Google Classroom, however, teachers can monitor discussions in Google Hangouts and Google Docs to stop any cyberbullying in its tracks. It is, however extremely important that teachers and parents have open discussions with students about the risks and possible dangers of unsupervised online and social media access. 

CTL partnered with GoGuardian to safeguard students and schools from many threats, including inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and social media channels. There are boundaries with CTL solutions, but only for the protection of students, school faculty, and parents. 

3. Communication Devices to Enable Teachers to Help with Homework and Class Projects

Students can use Chromebooks where ever internet access is available. Chromebooks and All-in-Ones are ideal for desks or labs with minimal available desk space. Teachers, students and IT staff can distribute and set up devices themselves, or get assistance from USA-based support to do so. Using Google Classroom on Chrome OS devices is ideal, as not only does it give students easier access to course materials, it also provides students with experience completing courses online, which they will need to learn for most post-secondary courses. 

Students can ask their teachers for help via Google Hangouts, and chat with fellow classmates. If certain students are more advanced than their peers, they can be nominated as homework mentors, or be assigned enriched content. For students that need extra help or have learning, visual,  or hearing disabilities, specialized tools, course content and peripherals can be used to help the student keep up with their classmates.  

Since Google Classroom is free to use and integrates so well with G Suite apps which are popular with schools, it provides a highly collaborative way for students to interact with their teacher. 

Even if students go on a family vacation or if it's a snow day, students can keep up with classwork on affordable, reliable Chrome OS devices from CTL. The technology "under the hood" in our devices, (such as Solid State Drives) consumes less power, and the batteries last longer than most Windows-based PCs. 

Are you looking for affordable, reliable computers for your student or classroom to facilitate collaboration, minimize disruption and prepare students for college or university? Shop the online store, or contact us today. 

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