Security Features of G Suite Enterprise

Security Features of G Suite Enterprise

With businesses going digital, new threats come forward. Making the switch to G Suite and Google’s line of fully-integrated products can save you and your business lost money, time, and stress from the increasing threat of data breaches.
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 Tori Bateman | Guest Contributor


Business is changing.

Gone are the days of file cabinets and paper stacks and instead we find that data is packed into digital clouds, no longer a fire hazard. With businesses going digital, new threats have come forward. Digital security should be a top priority whether you are a startup or an established corporation. According to the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds—and since only about 5% of your digital files are secured properly, on average, you could expect to pay upwards of $4 million if you fall victim to one of these attacks.

That’s a lot of scary statistics. Like, shake-in-your-boots kinds of numbers—but we wouldn’t be very good at our job if we didn’t give you some good news to balance this out.

Google doesn’t only provide your business with streamlined, fully integrated products—it also provides your data with security that keeps ahead of the latest threats. G Suite Enterprise has some of the most sophisticated security features available to business owners.

Google itself shares the same infrastructure that its enterprise services run on. By utilizing Google’s well-built and trustworthy global infrastructure to manage your business data, you are giving yourself the best protection available on the cloud.

You can see proof of this protection in how Google manages its data centers and physical security design. Cutting-edge biometric access scanners and laser detection are among the ranks of methods they use to keep your data safe. I know what you're thinking. It sounds like an action movie scenario—but with threats rising and reaching action-movie-levels, Google is matching them with equal force.

The hardware that houses your data is designed, built, and managed by Google and its seasoned professionals. There's no third-party hardware or technicians. They maintain constant control over the condition and fortification of your data.

Google also has total control over how data is transferred. Their network of fiber and undersea cables allow G Suite Enterprise users to transfer and store data with little to no exposure to the public internet, where the majority of security incidents occur. Regardless of where your data is, Google’s encryption fills in the gaps and keeps your private data safe.

We’ve established that your information is secure with G Suite Enterprise—but is it usable? You could lock something away in a vault, but getting to it on a daily basis might be a hassle in the physical world. In Google’s digital vault, you can view and send information easily without sacrificing security.

Efficiency and convenience are one of the leading factors that have prompted many corporations to make the switch to G Suite, and threat management is no different. G Suite has a triage tool to detect and eliminate threats across your entire database with the full support of Google security professionals.

For enterprise-level businesses looking to protect their assets and get on board with Google’s data and work management tools, you need the Chromebox. This compact computer allows you to tap into Google’s Chrome system and is perfect for digital signage and pairing with monitors for desktop use. For a more portable solution, you want to get your hands on our rugged Chromebooks, specifically the travel-friendly NL71 collection, which packages up Google’s endless features into a touch-screen computer that is excellent for travel and day-to-day use.

In the end, making the switch to G Suite and Google’s line of fully-integrated products can save you and your business lost money, time, and stress from the increasing threat of data breaches. You need a company that you can trust with your data—and Google has the physical and digital security infrastructure to protect your business data to the highest degree.


By Tori Bateman | Guest Contributor
Tori Bateman is a special educator and content writer who specializes in 21st-century educational strategies, social and emotional learning, and using technology in the classroom. You can find her contact information and other exciting projects on LinkedIn.

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