Best Chromebook Value

Best Chromebook Value

Computers are now an essential part of our everyday lives, even in elementary classrooms. With computers, it's easier to work on projects, collaborate with co-workers and classmates, and manage data. Unfortunately, traditional computers don't come cheap. That's why Chromebook laptops are such great deals - they offer users a simplified operating system that can handle educational and business needs, and they are easy for IT professionals to deploy and manage. Here's how to get the best out of your money when purchasing a Chromebook:


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Best Chromebook Value

Computers have become integral to daily life, even in elementary school classrooms. Computers make it more convenient to work on projects, collaborate with colleagues and classmates, and organize data. Though a large portion of us depend on personal computers, they can still be quite expensive. A Chromebook laptop offers a streamlined operating system to handle all your educational and business needs for reasonable prices. Here are some tips for finding the best Chromebook value when you are shopping for a new computer.

Where to Buy a Chromebook

There are many cheap Chromebook options on the market, many of which you can purchase from your local big box store or favorite online retailer. For example, there are a large number of Amazon Chromebook retailers who can have your new computer at your door within a day. If you want to peruse your different Chromebook options in person to get a feel for them before you purchase, you can check out Walmart Chromebook or Best Buy Chromebook selections. You can get most of the best Chromebook 2022 by visiting one of these chains. In their computer department, you can find a large selection of Best Buy Chromebook models. There are also some great Best Buy Chromebook touchscreen options if you are interested in 2-in-1 tablet laptop models that use ChromeOS. Prices are likely to remain fairly consistent across retailers; the Chromebook price Best Buy offers will be comparable to what Amazon offers and the Chromebook price manufacturers offer if you buy directly from them. The cost of shipping, protection, and other additional services may vary depending on where you buy from.

Best Chromebook for Students

Since many schools now require technology to do their homework and classwork, many parents are interested in finding the best Chromebook for kids to complete their schoolwork. Especially after remote learning became popular, there were many resources to help decide on the best Chromebooks for students 2021. Now, parents and educators are hunting for the best Chromebook for students 2022. Some school districts are even providing free Chromebooks for students 2022 and beyond in their classrooms and need options for the best budget Chromebook for students to build a cost-effective technology program that helps support students’ needs. If your school district requires technology for homework or classwork but does not provide it to students, check for local organizations that may have programs to provide a free Chromebook for students who qualify.

Even younger students as young as first grade now require technology for their classwork, although anyone who has spent any time around young children knows that they are not known for being gentle. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Chromebook vs laptop for schools. The average Chromebook price is lower than the average price for other laptops. Chromebooks are also sturdier than other laptops and less likely to break. Some vendors may also offer a discounted school Chromebook price for schools and other educational institutions that purchase in bulk. The cheapest Chromebook price is lower than $200. Many of these lower-price options are perfect for young students because they are sturdy and offer only basic functions that support learning objectives and minimize distractions. Chromebooks, like laptops, come in a variety of different sizes. If you are considering purchasing a Chromebook for a student, you may have questions about the ideal school Chromebook size. The answer really depends on the grade level of the student in question. Common Chromebook sizes are 11 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches. For most students, especially in younger grades, an 11-inch screen is just fine. Not only are they more likely to fit into a child’s backpack, but many models are made from plastic, so they are lighter and easier for children to carry. However, high school or college students may get more use of a 16- or 17-inch Chromebook model. By this stage, they are probably working on research papers and other projects that require them to work in multiple applications or windows simultaneously. A larger workspace allows them to view their work and data side by side on the screen without compromising readability. Remember that larger computers are generally more expensive, so choosing a more compact option will help you get a better Chromebook price for students. 

Chromebook Brand Comparison

A number of popular computer manufacturers offer Chromebook models in addition to laptops and computers that use other operating systems. Popular Chromebook manufacturers besides CTL include Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo. Here are some of the different options they offer: 

Dell Chromebook 

Dell is a trusted name in computers of all types, and they also have several Chromebook models. Their most popular Chromebooks for educational use are the 3100 and the 3110. Both of these models measure 11.6 inches. You can choose between 4 GB and 8 GB of memory and 32 GB or 64 GB of hard drive storage. Regular, touchscreen, and 2-in-1 tablet options are available. The Chromebook price Dell offers ranges from less than $200 to more than $600. 

HP Chromebook 

HP is another big name in computers, and an HP Chromebook vs laptop will be of comparable quality. The main difference is that an HP Chromebook operating system is ChromeOS, whereas most of their other models use the Windows operating system. The average HP Chromebook price starts at around $250.00. Price can vary based on a variety of factors, including size. There are both HP Chromebook 11 inch models and HP Chromebook 14 inch models. A 14 inch Chromebook is usually the more expensive option. You can also choose an HP Chromebook touchscreen model, including 2-in-1 tablets and laptops. The HP Chromebook x360 line allows users to detach the keyboard and use it as a kickstand to take full advantage of their Chromebook’s touchscreen capabilities. If you are looking for a versatile computer, this is one of the best HP Chromebook 2022 options available. 

Samsung Chromebook 

Samsung produces a wide range of technologies, including mobile phones, televisions, home appliances, and computers. They also offer Chromebooks as part of their lineup. The most recent addition to their Chromebook offerings is the Samsung Chromebook Go, also called the Galaxy Chromebook Go. Since it premiered, it has been a popular Samsung Chromebook 2021 and Samsung Chromebook 2022. This is the best Samsung Chromebook for those who want a thin, light computer that offers versatile touchscreen capabilities. Other popular models include the Samsung Chromebook Plus and the Samsung Chromebook 4. Like all other Chromebook models, the Samsung Chromebook OS is Chrome. They offer three different colors of Samsung Chromebook: black, red, and silver.

Acer Chromebook 

Acer is popular specifically for its Chromebooks. One of their most popular models currently is the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 i7. It contains a high-powered tenth-generation Intel Core i7 processor with the ability to wake up from sleep in under one second and run for 10 hours before it needs to be charged. It is also made with Corning Gorilla Glass for extra durability. The 13.5-inch touchscreen and keyboard can rotate 360 degrees to give users more ways to work and present. It is good for professional use as it comes with either 8 GB or 16 GB of memory. Acer also offers several Chromebook models that are great study tools for students of all ages.

Lenovo Chromebook 

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an excellent choice for a personal computer for students. It is a 2-in-1 model that functions as both a tablet and a laptop. It includes a kickstand and a fully detachable keyboard. It is available in either a 13 inch model or an 11 inch model. Lenovo is known for producing high-quality Chromebooks for use in educational settings. Many schools that choose to implement programs where they provide in-classroom and take-home technology to their students often choose Lenovo Chromebooks. Their wide variety of options is perfect for students of all ages and their teachers. 

CTL Chromebook

CTL specializes in products that run on ChromeOS, including Chromebooks, Chrome tablets, and Chromeboxes. Our military-grade durable Chromebook laptops are great for both education and enterprise. Several models from our PX line of computers have won Best of Show in Tech & Learning at ISTELive 22. Both 11 inch models and 14 inch models are available. CTL offers high-quality computers at reasonable prices. Our Chromebook NL71 is a great option for students, especially younger elementary school-aged students, and is available for less than $200.

There are many reasons to choose a Chromebook over a traditional laptop. They often run faster, have better storage capabilities, and offer compact but sturdy designs that are ideal for those on the go. CTL is a trusted name in Chromebooks. We also offer educational discounts for school districts purchasing in bulk. Browse our selection of Chromebooks or speak to a sales representative to get started today.

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