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3D Systems Corporation, Inventor of 3D Printing Technology, Partners with CTL

CTL to Offer 3D Printers Through Reseller Agreement with 3D Systems Corporation

By Friedrich Gloeckler, Senior Account Executive, Public Sector

We’re excited to announce our recent partnership with 3D Systems Corporation to provide our customers with cutting edge 3D printing technology for business or home use. 3D printers enable designers, architects, engineers, inventors, researchers, doctors, jewelers, teachers, students and more to significantly improve design and production times, increase accuracy, and reduce costs across the board. 3D Systems Corporation is the inventor of the original 3D printing technology, called stereolithography, or SLA®. The term “stereolithography” was coined in 1986 by Charles W. Hull, founder of 3D Systems Corporation. Hull patented SLA® as a method for making solid objects by successively “printing” thin layers of an ultraviolet curable material one on top of the other. Today, 3D Systems Corporation offers 7 distinct 3D printing technologies that address a wide range of industries and applications.

CTL is excited to offer our customers 3D printers for business or home use. Why 3D printing at home? Consumers can use 3D printing to customize everything in their homes from paper clips to juicers. With 3D printing, people can create items that meet their specific needs. With 3D Systems Corporation printers for home use starting at $999 from CTL, it’s possible to put the latest technology to work in your home. Below are a few of the business and home use models available through CTL:

3D Systems Corporation Cube 3D Printer

Cube® Home Use 3D Printer
3D printing is easy with insta-load cartridges, preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad for 75 micron high-resolution, beautiful, effortless prints every time. Enjoy the freedom of mobile printing direct from the Cubify app for iOS, Android and Windows. Liven things up with more than 20 colors and dual-color jetted mashables. Mix and match dual-color and dual-materials. Cube printing with recyclable ABS and compostable PLA plastic, has never been so limitless. Starting at $999!



CubePro™ Professional 3D Printer3D Systems Corporation CubePro Professional 3D Printer
Print more and tinker less, with the largest-in-class build platform high-resolution prints and quick, streamlined set up. CubePro prints 2.5 times larger than any other printer in the desktop prosumer and hobbyist market with super high-resolution settings for 70-micron print layers. Professional quality printing has never been so large or easy. CubePro starts at $2799!


Check out the Cube and CubePro on our website. For more information, contact CTL. Thanks to our partnership with 3D Systems Corporation, we can help you put this exciting new technology to work in your office or home today!