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A Smart Idea for Educators: The Intelligent Laptop Cart for 2goPC!

Intelligent Laptop Cart for 2go PC NL3 or E12VBill Waibel, President of A+ Mobile Solutions, Inc. thinks a cart should do more than just roll. That’s why he invented the “Intelligent Laptop Cart” for educators to have a turnkey set of tools for their high-tech classrooms.

When Bill told CTL about his invention, we wanted to help spread the word to our education customers who use the 2goPC NL3 Convertible Classmate PC or 2go E12V Netbooks in their classrooms. Now, classroom management for your 2goPC classroom is easier than ever!

The cart holds up to 30 2go Classmate PC NL3 computers or E12V Netbooks, but storage is the minimum function of this teacher’s aid station on wheels. It also comes with an instructor’s PC with centralized storage, file sharing and Intel Classroom Management such as Mythware. The Intelligent Laptop Cart serves as the central nervous system of the classroom, allowing teachers to monitor and share files with students and create an interactive learning environment.

Included on the cart are a 22’’ TFT Monitor on an articulating arm, an integrated DVD drive, external USB connection, and the Microsoft Office Suite. You can link to the internet using wired or wireless connectivity, and there’s also a printer, scanner, and copier!

Key classroom management features include:

• Monitor and Control

• Screen Blanking/Locking

• Teacher Screen Broadcasting

• Video and Audio Streaming

• Student Demonstration

• File Transfer and Distribution/Storage System

• Management for Student Tests and Quizzes

• Group Collaboration

Using the Intelligent Cart as your central command station simplifies your presentations using the document camera that can display on your monitor or a projector. And the Bose sound system makes sure the audio is crystal clear.

If you’re using 2goPC NL3 Convertible Classmate PCs or 2go E12V Netbooks in your classroom, consider the A+ Mobile Solutions, Inc. Intelligent Laptop Cart to maximize your classroom management and student interaction. For more information, visit www.aplusmobilesolutions.com, or contact Bill Waibel at bwaibel@aplus-edu.com.

To learn more about CTL’s 2goPC NL3 Convertible Classmate or 2go E12V Netbook,

Visit www.ctl.net or call us at 1-800-642-3087, x223.


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