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A Sneak Peak at the Newest 2go Classmate PCs!

As educators, students, medical professionals, law enforcement, military personnel, home inspectors, and anyone else in a mobile work environment knows, a high-functioning, ultra-portable computer is integral to the work they do. That’s why students as well as mobile workers have been using either the 2go Classmate E11, or the 2goConvertible Classmate NL2 as invaluable tools to perform complex tasks on the go. Well, now there’s great news for all these 2goPC Classmate users: the netbooks you know and love are going to get even better!

CTL is pleased to announce that the next generation of the 2goPC Classmate netbooks, due out by the end of the year, will be leaner, faster and stronger than ever before. The upgrades stem largely from a new and improved processor, Intel’s Cedar Trail Atom chipset. At 32nm, the Cedar Trail Atom chipset is their smallest processor yet, which improves efficiency and allows the chips to offer more power while using less energy. The benefit to users is longer battery life—more than 10 hours—and weeks of standby. As current users know, the Classmate E11 and Classmate NL2 already have powerful Atom processors. The new models will not only take the existing high performance to the next level, but also offer a lighter weight, thinner, fanless design with a whole host of new capabilities.

Some of the new features will allow your netbook the same capabilities as your tablet or smartphone. For example, “Rapid Start” technology enables fast resume, and “Smart Connect” technology allows the netbooks to automatically update online information like email or social media pages, even while in standby. Because the nearly instant boot saves valuable time in meetings and classrooms, it helps the 2goPC netbooks stay competitive against other mobile computing devices.

The new models will also have the ability to instantly and wirelessly connect with other PCs in the room, streamlining information sharing to help businesses and classrooms run more efficiently. The Intel Wireless Display and PC Synch features let users wirelessly update and synchronize documents, content and media across multiple devices. For example, you can wirelessly connect to a television or another PC with a larger screen and project images stored on your netbook. For teachers, students, and professionals who give presentations, this feature is huge. It’s also great for home users as a way to give dynamic photo slide shows, complete with background music.

Although the current Classmate netbooks are known for their durability, the next generation is further ruggedized to survive longer drops and resist even larger amounts of liquid. In addition, the keys have been reinforced to withstand the hazards of young children armed with a stylus.

Something else to look for on the horizon: a teacher edition of the Classmate PC. Specifications and software are still being designed, but teaching software such as SMART Notebook Software, classroom management utilities, and notebook management are likely.

With all these great improvements, you may be wondering if the price of these Classmate PCs will increase. In fact, Intel has announced a price drop in their convertible models. It’s true that these lowest-priced models may have some features excluded, however, the most important upgrades such as 8 to 10 hour batter life and full HD capabilities will be standard. Watch the CTL website for the new models to arrive by the end of this year!


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