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Add Up To 25 Co-Hosts To Your Google Meet

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Google is adding the ability to let Workspace for Education customers delegate tasks to up to 25 co-hosts. These co-hosts will have direct access to the same controls as the primary host – muting participants, launching polls, and managing Q&As on your behalf so that you can lead the discussion without having to be directly responsible for all of the smaller nuances of a meeting.

Additional hosts will also be able to use Meet’s new safety features to limit who can perform screen shares, send chat messages, and more – even down to muting all users and ending meetings with a single click. Additionally, the ‘Quick access’ menu will allow all who are sharing control to let participants into the meeting and control who else may become a co-host.

To get started, all you’ll need to do as the core host is to check the Meet ‘Host controls’ settings and make certain that ‘Host management’ is turned on. In the coming weeks, Workspace console admins will be able to control this setting right from their dashboard outside of meetings as well. As a quick aside, if you have ‘Quick access’ disabled, no anonymous users will be able to join the meeting, only the host will be able to dial out, the host must join the meeting first, and only invited participants can join without asking first.

Google is rolling out another useful feature with this update as well. You can now search for meeting participants in the People panel instead of having to manually scroll through them all in order to locate someone. With the popularity of Meet on the rise and with it being used practically everywhere, meeting sizes have certainly increased, so this is a welcome addition! The following users will be able to do all of this and more on the Web, Android, and iOS over the as of August 16, 2021:


All Workspace customers

G Suite Basic

G Suite for Business

Quick Access settings availability

Workspace Essentials

Enterprise Essentials

Enterprise Standard

Enterprise Plus

Business Standard

Business Plus

Education Fundamentals

Education Standard

Education Plus

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Adding Co-Hosts availability

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