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All-in-One PC Form Factors Poised To Hit the Mainstream Thanks to Standardization and Thin Mini iTX

For the past few years, all-in-one PCs (AIOs) have been a fast-growing segment within the desktop PC market. It is estimated that nearly twice as many all-in-one PCs will be sold in 2012 as in 2010. Besides the obvious all-in-one benefits such as a sleek, space-saving design and a large screen, new technology has enabled these computers to be produced at a lower cost than ever before.

In the past, a problem with the all-in-ones form factor has been a lack of standards. They required custom motherboards, thermal solutions, and often, custom power supplies. This kept prices high and made them inaccessible to many consumers. Additionally, there was limited flexibility in the types of components that could be used. However, Intel has recently introduced its Thin Mini iTX form factor, which is built to take a variety of standard components such as motherboards, processors, thermals, hard drives, optical drives, wireless cards, and camera.

CTL has just rolled out our first all-in-one using the Thin Mini iTX form factor—the CTL™ Meridian™ 650 and 650T series all-in-one PC. These models are able to offer consumers the flexibility to customize their computer at mainstream prices ($400-800). From a barebones setup (just chassis), to T-model (with multi-touch screen), all the way to a fully configured set up (including operating system), there are choices every step of the way. The 650 and 650T series support two different motherboards: Mitac, or Intel as well as a number of processors including Intel Pentium, Celeron, and Core. There’s the option for an SSD hard drive, and 2, 4, or 8 GB of RAM. Basically, customers can now marry their budget with their needs by mixing and matching various elements to make the perfect all-in-one set up.

CTL Meridian 650 Series All-In-One PCThese machines have proven popular with education, government, call centers, libraries, home users, and businesses with limited workspace. The large, flat screen has no peripheral cabling, which makes it great to use as digital signage, in kiosks, and as a point-of-sale computer. It’s also easy to upgrade and repair. The single-screw cover provides easy access (however those concerned with limiting access to the inside components, such as schools, can add a security screw). In addition, it’s a ‘Green’ design. It’s made with 35% recycled material and is designed to use less energy – saving on energy costs and reducing its carbon footprint. Both 650 and 650T series models will be EPEAT certified and Energy Star 5.0 rated.

CTL is excited about the 650T series, as it will offer a multi-touch screen that requires zero pressure. It will support multi-touch applications and games to add another aspect of usability to this all-in-one. Windows 7 has a variety of multi-touch programs that range from maps to fingerprinting to photo viewing and Internet browsers.

It’s clear that the latest technology will change the way we use desktop computers. In ten years, it could become laughable that programs would even have to be labeled “touchscreen” programs, just as labeling applications “mouse input” would be today. And just as those bulky CRT monitors of our past have been phased out, traditional desktop models could one day be replaced by all-in-ones. Thanks to all-in-one form factor standardization, the future is wide open.

Visit our online store to learn more about or to buy a 650 series all-in-one PC from CTL. If you are interested in reselling CTL all-in-ones, send us an email.


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