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Back to School with Intel Learning Series Applications: Bring Active Learning to the Classroom!

Intel Learning Series Classroom ManagementDid you know that CTL Classmate PCs are pre-loaded with the Intel Learning Series of touch-optimized, intuitive education applications that make collaboration easier and help students succeed?

CTL’s 2go Classmate PC E12 and 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL3 were designed to facilitate active learning for students. They can make videos with the webcam, read books with the e-reader, or perform scientific experiments using time-lapse photos with LABCAM. And Intel has included management tools especially for teachers and administrators. Read on for more details on each of the Intel Learning Series Applications:

Featured Learning Applications

Note Taker

Save paper (and trees by using your Classmate PC as a notebook! With its high level of handwriting recognition, Note Taker allows simple organization and search of handwritten notes, text and graphics.

Main features:

• Save hand-written notes

• Exceptional hand writing recognition

• Fast search within hand written notes

• Manage and edit notes

Painting and Drawing

Draw and paint freely with familiar painting- and drawing tools using the Classmate touch screen as your canvas. Students can improve content with natural, individual elements, or to create a whole drawing.

Main features:

• Large selection of writing and drawing tools

• Touch screen optimized user interface

• Handy tools such as color picker, fillers and templates


Now you can lose the backpacks full of heavy books, and the cut the cost of purchasing and managing all those textbooks. Make textbooks available electronically to every student in every location or author your own eBooks. The Classmate PC, with its authoring software, makes drastic savings possible.

Main features:

• Add/Edit/Modify bookmarks

• Easy-to-use review and commenting tools

• Commenting tools include Typewriter, Callout, Textbox, and Measure

• Add images, movies, links and file attachments to any PDF document

• Safe Mode Settings in installation


LABCAM turns the Classmate PC into a science lab where students can carry out substantial scientific observations and measurements, using a computer, the software, and a simple, everyday webcam.

Main features:

Time-Lapse Cam: Helps students observe and better understand the slow processes of nature, such as the formation and migration of clouds, plant growth, ice melting, etc. Students can select specified interval shots and the software stitches these images into a coherent stream of video.

Kinematics: Students can conduct complex kinematic experiments. Track the horizontal and vertical movement characteristics (displacement, velocity, and acceleration) of one or more objects in real time. Measurement units can be set after an initial calibration and the software can capture a maximum of three selected objects at the same time.

Microscope: Carry out microscopic measurements and perform any kind of measurement when a reference value is available (e.g., the earth’s diameter). Even single-celled organisms can be observed using the web camera.

Pathfinder: Students can track any type of motion such as people on a city sidewalk, single-cell organisms, or trails of ants in an ant farm. Produces a motion density map where more movement is displayed using colorful trails on the screen.

Motion Cam: Students can capture rare moments in nature using this motion-sensor camera to start recording when it detects movement in front of the camera.

Universal Logger: Now science classes can capture measurements from older devices that have no connections to a computer. This unique, real-time data-recognition module can digitize any instrument that has a digital, radial-dial, or fluid-based display.

WebCam Companion

Capture awesome HD images or videos from your Classmate PC webcam and share your artwork directly with others. The smart photo/video editing tools are easy to use. Adjust and enhance using intuitive tools such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, flip, resize crop and more.

Main features:

• Photo editing and commenting

• Flexible recording possibilities using the rotatable camera

• User interface optimized for touch screen use

• Noise filtering

• Digital archiving

• Easy recording using the camera button

• Media capture and management

• Anti-shake feature

Hard Disk Protection

Protect your investment using the Intel hard disk utility software, which makes hard disks less vulnerable to impact, shock and fall damage.

Main features:

• Intelligent reading and recording head on the hard drive

• Motion detection using a sensitive sensor

• Configurable sensitivity

Quick Controller

With the Quick Controller, it’s easier than ever to access programs and files. Individual keyboard shortcuts streamline all your functions.

Main features:

• Access the Quick Controller launcher using the Home-Button

• Touch screen optimized control with cool visual effects

• Access applications with just one click

Includes Management Tools for Teachers and Administrators

2go classmate PCs from CTL include software tools for teachers and administrators to manage security, networking, storage and back-ups, as well as set web filters and usage permissions. There are even tools to distribute tests and receive results. These management tools have been developed by Intel and Microsoft, and proven in schools worldwide. Below we’ve listed the highlights for practical application.

Classroom Management

The Classroom Management Software allows teachers to organize, monitor, and promote interaction in the classroom. Work in small groups or with the whole class. Feedback on test results provided in real-time for streamlined assessment.

Go here to view a demo about how the Intel Learning Series Classroom Management software works.

Main features:

• Share, send and collect files

• Control and observe up to 60 Classmate PCs

• Remotely assist students

• Organize students into groups

• View student screens

• Assess, create quizzes, share and send results

Access Management

Create child-safe computer environments in school and at home with Access Management. The school can set up a centralized organization and management for the Classmate PC using their servers, and parents can then observe and regulate the computer usage at home.

Policy management features:

• Web filter blocks access to unwanted web-sites

• Home and school policy settings

• Time restrictions for using the PC or the network

• Policy selection per Windows user account

• Per-program restrictions, with recording and observation of usage

Asset Management

Prevent theft and make it difficult for thieves to sell stolen PCs. This system is easy for schools to use and makes booting the machine restricted to usage specifically allowed by the administrator. Based on the trusted platform module (TPM), which helps protect capital and operational investments.

See a demo about the Intel Learning Series Theft Deterrent software works

Main features:

• Protection of pc and server components

• Protection and discouragement of theft

• Time-based boot restrictions

For more information on the CTL 2go Classmate PC E12 and 2go Convertible Classmate PC NL3, or the Intel Learning Series, contact us today toll-free at 1.800.642.3087 or at 503.646.3733 in the Portland, OR area, or visit our website at ctl.net.