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Best Tablet For Business Owners

 Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator

As the owner of a business, could the decision of selecting a new tablet suddenly get cloudy when you see the flurry of brands flooding the market? With scores of devices to choose from, picking the best tablet for business owners can get tricky. The staff at CTL knows this and has uncovered some interesting data for you to check out before making that necessary purchase.

What is the Best Tablet For Business Owners to use?

Our research shows that today’s business owner is always on the go. They have meetings to attend, projects to oversee, and a company to run. Slowing down is never an option. These professionals are busy, quick on their feet, decisions made on the fly, and their computer devices must keep up. 

Taking those details into account, we have extensively searched through our entire Chrome inventory and found three of the best Chromebook tablets that meet those extremely high demands. They are the:

If you are the rugged, no-nonsense type, with a chip on your shoulder, that won’t take no for an answer, then meet your new teammates. They’ve been waiting for you and are ready to get down to business.

Look, up on the desk! Is it for students, teachers, or business owners?

Originally designed with students and teachers in mind, it seems as though our best tablet, the CTL Chromebook Tablet Tx1, has forged a new path for itself and made end roads into the workforce. The preliminary data shows more Tx1 devices are showing up on CEO, Manager, and Employer conference tables and office desktops than previously known. 

With the rugged Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch screen, designed for the hyper-active classroom, this Chromebook tablet has proven itself sturdy and workplace friendly. Along with touch screen crack, break, and scratch protection, don’t be surprised how easily this compact device slips into a full drawer and ever so lightweight that you forgot you tossed it into your briefcase.

Wait! How’s that tablet still working? Didn’t that just fall off your desk?

It is not quite the Beastmaster as most think, but the CTL Chromebook NL7T is the bad boy in the office. It struts around with a reputation that it got drop tested from over two feet off the ground, shook it off, and continued working as though nothing ever happened. It is the device you want in your corner and backing you up when business takes you into some harsh environments. 

Rugged though the NL7T is, there is a smooth business side most overlook. Such as the sleek retractable handle for quick and safe removal from the dashboard of your truck into the safety of your office. Not to mention, this Chromebook is a shape-shifting business device you have to see to believe. It has the agility to change quickly, from a desktop-mode to tent-display, or tablet mode at the drop of a hat. In a word, flexible. 

Have you ever got something hassle-free right out of the box?

A pipe dream, you think, or a tablet phenomenon that gets up and starts running instantly? Let the wishful thinking end. The CTL Chromebook NL7TW-360 has changed the rules when choosing the best tablets for business owners. For starters, this device is what we call a head-turner. That sturdy 360-degree hinge will make you do a double-take. It lets you transform your Chromebook, in a split second, from laptop mode to tent-display to tablet form without losing that smooth and stable performance.

However, what is hidden away under the hood is our stealth-like integrated Google G-suite that gives you the advanced business tools to create and design. That package lets you work with others in real-time, on presentations, reports, and spreadsheets. Now you can share and access your project anytime from Google Drive, which always keeps your work backed up. Having an NL7TW-360 means, you work when you want and on your terms, so your day always ends with a smile.

Final Thoughts

Still undecided about how to pick the best tablets for business owners? Then ask yourself; If you want to save your company money on hardware and software, reduce IT interruption time, cut tablet training in half, and get set up quickly in your enterprise system, then the smart business choice is Chromebook tablets. For additional information about CTL or investing in their products, visit us at CTL.net

By Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator
Nani Kalakau is the Marketing Coordinator at CTL. She loves to create, travel and experience different cultures.