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Chromebooks for Education: The Newest Addition to the School Supply List

There is a new trend sweeping the nation’s high schools, and it’s not a latest K-pop dance craze or viral video challenge. We’re talking about Chromebooks. According to Colorado’s 9News,  some schools in Jefferson County, CO have recently begun to require that all students purchase Chromebooks.

In Jefferson County, administrators have taken the initiative to level the playing field for all students and decrease distraction by having the students run the same Chromebook devices. Schools in Nevada already have the Nevada Ready 21 initiative which has gone 1:1, supplying Chromebooks to middle school students at participating schools throughout the state.

The big question that may keep coming up in the future as more and more schools begin to implement 1:1 programs with Chromebooks is, “Why Chromebooks?”

Chromebooks Are Education-Ready, Rugged, and Reliable

Chromebooks for Education run on the Chrome OS and automatically update to ensure that the device is always running the latest security upgrades. The battery life on a Chromebook is excellent, lasting a full school day, and in some cases like our NL61TX, lasting 13 hours! In case of loss or theft, the devices can be locked out and will only display information upon return of the device. Because of the Chromebook’s affordable nature, costing between $155-$300, it is a great option for 1:1 implementation. From the ease of use to affordability, the Chromebook has become the #1 device that K-12 schools are choosing in the entire U.S.

Google for Education: Tech for Teachers

Along with the Chromebook, Google is changing the way that schools are using technology in the classroom with G-Suite for Education.  G-Suite for Education includes the Google apps most users are already used to like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, and Hangouts, but also it includes education-specific apps like Classroom and Vault.

Google Classroom allows teachers to send and receive assignments and resources digitally. Teachers are able to monitor and track progress and due dates, and having assignments on the Chromebook eliminates the “dog ate my homework” excuse entirely.

Collaboration with peers and instant updates and feedback from teachers make classrooms efficient and grading student work more thorough and faster.

Google Vault ensures that the data is archived and protected for legal compliance for schools. Google Vault holds, retains, searches, and exports data from Gmail, Hangouts, Groups, and any files stored in Drive.

Vault also helps schools comply with both FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) regulations regarding the protection of minors on the internet.

Why CTL Chromebooks and 1:1 Solutions?

For years, CTL has been helping schools go 1:1 with specially designed ultra-rugged Chromebooks for education, white glove deployment offerings, and a variety of software options to help with classroom management and student engagement.

Monthly Professional Development Webinars are also included when you go 1:1 with CTL ensuring that educators and administrators are always up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks and offerings for getting the most out of using Chromebooks in the classroom.

There has never been a better time to jump ahead of the curve and implement Chromebooks into your schools. If you’d like to know more about going 1:1 or implementing Chromebooks in the classroom, including special pricing for educational customers, CTL Rocks Grant opportunities, and the benefits of Chromebooks, contact one of our sales reps today.

View the video below to watch Jefferson County’s Administrators discuss why they are requiring their students to purchase Chromebooks:

If you’re interested in the possibility of implementing a 1:1 program from CTL in your classroom or school district, contact us today! We’d be happy to help you figure out if going 1:1 is right for you!


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