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Cloud Collaboration Software Updates: What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 Cloud Collaboration Software Package Has Some Exciting New Updates

We’ve got great news! As a Microsoft partner, CTL is proud to be your source for Microsoft cloud collaboration software, which includes the new Office 2016 suite of productivity apps. Office 2016 is now available and makes it easier than ever to share documents and work with others in real time. Microsoft 2016 allows users to review, edit, analyze and present documents across any devices from your PC or Mac to Windows, Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Office 2016 contains some efficient new features such as Tell Me, a voice-activated system that allows users to simply tell Word, Excel or PowerPoint what they would like to do and Tell Me will guide them to the command. Fact checking is now more streamlined, thanks to Bing-powered Smart Lookup. Smart Lookup uses terms highlighted by the user and other contextual information in the document to deliver search results from the web, all within the document. In addition, Office 2016 cloud collaboration software users can use one-click forecasting to quickly turn their historical data in to an analysis of future trends.

Office 2016 has been optimized for touch, making it easy to read, edit, zoom and navigate on touch-enabled devices. Using digital ink, users can write notes or make annotations. With OneDrive cloud storage, it’s no problem to switch from one device to the next without missing a beat. The Office 2016 cloud collaboration software helps you to pick up right where you left off, regardless of the device you were using.

Additional Features and Benefits for Specifically for Windows 10 users:

  • Say “Hello” just once and Windows will log you into your PC and Office–all in one simple step
  • Bring Cortana to your office to help you get things done. Cortana with Office 365 integration can help with tasks like meeting prep
  • Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 are touch-friendly, fast and optimized for on-the-go productivity

Cloud collaboration software subscriptions for Microsoft 365 (which includes Office 2016) or individual Office 2016 licenses are available with any CTL laptop or desktop PC. Choose from Office 2016 Home & Business, Professional or Student versions. Contact CTL for pricing and review our selection of Windows devices at ctl.net