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Control Your PC Hands Free!

Dragon® Assistant Voice Activated Software Expands Your Ability to Search the Web, Manage Email, Watch Movies and More

These days, it seems that everyone is pressed for time. Whether it’s work or personal communications, a significant amount of time can be spent sitting at your computer keeping up with email and social media correspondence. Next thing you know, an hour that you’d planned to spend doing something else has gone by. What if you could check your email or Facebook page while running on a treadmill, cooking dinner, cleaning or doing other tasks? CTL® and Intel® are teaming up to develop voice activated PCs that simplify your life at home and work.

This software will soon be available on select CTL® AIO PCs, enabling entirely new ways to interact with your PC and improve the ways you do today. Search the web, play movies and songs, interact with social media, manage email and control your Chomebox or Chromebook PC through voice commands when you’re within 3-15 feet of your PC. Simply say “Hello, Dragon” to get started. Not sure what Dragon can do for you? Just ask Dragon, “What can I say?” for the most effective voice commands. This intelligent new software will learn to recognize your voice over time, offering the additional security of using your voice as a method to log in to your computer.

If you exercise at home, it’s likely you enjoy watching video or listening to music while working out. With the latest CTL® AIO PCs coming out with Nuance Dragon Assistant Software, you can give voice commands for your PC to play songs or TV shows, change the volume, pause or repeat without interrupting your workout. Or maybe you need to answer an email, but you’ve literally got your hands full taking care of a child. No problem, dictate a quick note to Dragon Assistant! Just ask Dragon to open your email, tell it what to say and send, all without having to drop what you’re doing and sit down at your computer. It’s a great resource for parents who can’t always get a free hand.

The new Dragon Assistant-enabled CTL® AIOs will change how you watch TV and movies, too. Use voice commands to pause, play, shuffle, repeat, turn the volume up or down, and more in Windows Media Player or iTunes.

This is more than what you can do on just any AIO, too. Intel has worked with CTL® to develop an AIO specifically tuned for voice recognition. These enhancements help Dragon Assistant distinguish and learn your voice for better performance. This is not just restricted to Dragon Assistant though. Get cleaner Skype calls and make crisper web videos with this AIO with none of the wires of a headset.

With CTL®’s revolutionary new voice activated AIOs, you can change how you interact with your PC. Spend less time at the keyboard and make the most of technology! Watch CTL.net and the CTL blog for more information about when this exciting technology will be available. Click here to watch a video on Dragon Assistant Software.


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