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CTL 1:1 Education Solutions: The Gift that Keeps Giving

CTL was proud to continue our work in the education sector during 2017. We’ve made great strides in understanding what our education customers want and need for a comprehensive 1-to-1 education solution for schools and classrooms all over the United States. If you haven’t heard of us and are thinking about implementing a 1-to-1 solution in your school, we’d love the opportunity to offer you our holistic hands-on program.

It All Starts with a Chromebook for Education

Chromebooks have now surpassed iPads as the go-to technology for schools in the United States. For years, CTL has seen this trend rising and was one of the first in the industry to join the Chromebook bandwagon, recognizing the device’s potential. So, we took the Chromebook and ruggedized it to make it even more perfect for classroom use. With its affordability combined with rugged durability, the Chromebook has become a great solution for 1-to-1 implementation for schools and districts.

Software that Packs an Educational Punch

From apps that handle classroom management, deployments, and those that teach math, coding, science, and STEM curriculum, the Chromebook has it all. Many of these great apps are available through the program. There are even mobile broadband solutions like Kajeet which provide CIPA compliant WiFi to students without home access to the internet.

Read more about our education software offerings.

White Glove Provisioning and Logo Printing—The Icing on the Cake

An additional service from CTL is White Glove Provisioning, which ensures smooth deployments and less hassle for your IT team. Custom logo printing allows for every device in your school to be instantly recognized, detracting from theft and assisting in lost device recovery.

CTL Knows Google

CTL is a Google for Education Premier Partner; we know Google and we can help you figure out everything from drive management to Google classroom management. With a variety of tools for educators and IT departments, we can help make your Google experience better.

Free Professional Development Webinars to You from Us

Learning doesn’t stop with a diploma or degree, so we’ve built into our 1-to-1 education solution a way to bring learning to you. Make the most out of technology in your class with our Professional Development Webinars which cover a variety of topics like Google Classroom Management, Drive Organization and Tips, software demos, and so many more! The best part of these webinars is that they are all recorded and can be watched anytime at your convenience. You can check out the lineup at http://ctl.info/webinars/.

Customer Service Dedicated to Service

The most important thing to us at CTL is that you feel supported and valued in your decision to choose us for implementing your 1-to-1 solution. From the Knowledge Base filled with your most popular questions to streamlined support request submission, our team is responsive, hands-on, and knows what educators and administrators need to succeed while using technology in the classroom. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying about us!

Contact CTL today to see how we can help bring your school into the future with Chromebooks, securing digital equity among students and increasing learning in the classroom.


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