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CTL Affiliate Program - Sign Up Now!

Here at CTL, we truly believe in the power of our products. As a manufacturer of Chromebooks, tablets, and monitors for 30 years, we have always taken pride in how durable and capable our products are. So why not join our Affiliate Program and get in on the fun? We actually offer three options to profitably promote or resell CTL products at your leisure. Whether you’re wanting to refer customers to our products or actually become a reseller - we got you!

By joining our CTL.net Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission by promoting CTL products. This program is completely free, easy to join and quick to implement into your current business. Here’s a quick guide on getting started: 

  1. Fill out a CTL.net Program Application via our website.
  2. Once approved, you will receive your unique affiliate link.
  3. Use your unique affiliate link to create banners, buttons or text links on your website and other online business platforms.
  4. Promote your unique link and start earning!

When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and purchases within 30 days of clicking your link, you will earn a 3% commission of the value of goods purchased. It’s that simple! 

The only question now is: what CTL products do you plan on promoting? We would love to hear from you along with any experience you have with affiliate programs - if you have any tips and tricks for our other readers, feel free to drop a comment below!