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CTL All-in-One 650 – The Next Step in Digital Signage!

CTL 650 All-In-One PCDigital signage is a powerful, streamlined and eco-friendly way to convey brand messaging that can also be an enhanced interactive experience for the customer. With usage of the web and smartphones increasing, today’s consumers have become accustomed to sophisticated visual messages, which makes dynamic digital signage essential to stay competitive. CTL’s All-in-One 650 is a sleek, high-definition, high-powered computer at an affordable price, enabling businesses to take the next step in digital signage.

More than 20 percent of retailers plan to incorporate digital signage into their stores in the next one to two years, according to a February 2011 eMarketer study. Additionally, Point of Purchase Advertising International, a European trade association, reports the growth of digital signs at three times their 2007 levels—from just 12,500 stores using the technology four years ago to 46,000 currently using it today. This number is predicted to hit 58,00 by the end of the year.

The growth in digital signage is in answer to retailers seeking to deliver better customer service while increasing sales. Small-scale digital signage that is used at point-of-purchase can offer an interactive experience that streamlines the shopping experience and is a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver content to consumers.

Commercial businesses such as retailers, hotels, restaurants, or banks can benefit from CTL’s All-in-One 650 as a digital signage solution. With a 1920 x 1080 Resolution HD Panel (21.5”), it delivers a vivid, crisp video display—the same quality as HDTV. It’s got a built-in media player that can stream tailored video and images to engage shoppers and help to influence their purchasing decisions. The All-in-One 650 T features a touch screen that can make the customer interface interactive, assisting them with exactly what they’re looking for. Many larger department stores like Macy’s are installing informational customer kiosks to allow customers to search for specific products across multiple brands, then receive detailed product information.

Because the All-in-One 650 combines an all-in-one form factor with the latest in platform standardization—Intel’s new Thin Mini-iTX technology—it has unparalleled flexibility and is easier to customize and more cost-effective than ever. Its sleek, space-saving design features dimensions of 14.6 x 5.5 x 13 inches with no peripheral cabling, which make it ideal for digital signage. It’s also easy to upgrade and repair with a single-screw cover that provides easy access.

Another benefit of digital signage is that it offers flexibility to messaging needs without having to reprint for specials and seasons, which both cuts costs and is eco-friendly. The All-in-One 650 enhances the environmental benefits of digital signage by being made with 35% recycled material, and being EPEAT certified and Energy Star 5.0 rated, saving on energy costs and reducing its carbon footprint.

The CTL All-in-One 650 offers the maximum flexibility for businesses to customize a machine to best fit their digital signage needs.

Options include:

• Multi-Touch Screen (supports multi-touch programs)

• Intel, Celeron, Pentium, Corei3, i5, or i7 processor

• SSD Hard Drive

• Wireless Card

• Fully configured, including OS (ready to use, includes 3-year warranty)

• 2, 4, or 8 GB of RAM

• Blu-ray optical drive

• Bluetooth

• Standard 1-year warranty can be extended to a 3-year warranty


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