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CTL® Announces New Line of Monitors

 Introducing ADS Panel Technology (Advanced Super Dimension Switch)

Our newest CTL® Monitors feature ADS plane control technology, the latest in display panel technology. The new line of CTL® ADS monitors offer many of the advantages of IPS panel displays but with superior performance. Similar to IPS, ADS employs plane control technology to achieve consistent, accurate color, even in sharp angles.

Enjoy full 1920×1080 resolution, wide viewing angles, high transmittance and low operating voltages. These high quality displays are ideal for photographers, graphic designers, business use and home entertainment. Available in 27”, 24” and 22” sizes, each unit is backed by a CTL® 3-Year Warranty.

Check out the CTL® IP2702 27’’ ADS Monitor and the CTL® IP2362 24’’ ADS Monitor available on ctl.net. Coming soon – the CTL IP2152 22’’ ADS Monitor. To learn more about these monitors and other CTL products, contact your sales rep or call us today at 800-642-3087.


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