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CTL Buyback Program

CTL is excited to announce the recently updated ‘CTL Buyback Program’ for end-of-life CTL Chromebooks. The CTL buyback program helps organizations to manage their Chrome device life cycle by repurposing end-of-life devices to recapture their value, which can be allocated towards purchasing new devices. CTL’s buyback site, buyback.ctl.net, automates the buyback process and covers the shipping of old Chromebooks back to CTL, making the process seamless and simple to do.

How to participate in the CTL Buyback program

  1. Go to https://buyback.ctl.net/ to view which Chromebooks are eligible for buyback.
  2. Fill out the prompts and questions regarding device information and condition of devices. The buyback structure is split into three tiers and determines the Chromebook buyback value: 
  • Operational condition with AC adapter, no cosmetic damage or broken parts
  • Operational condition with cosmetic damage (scratches, dings)
  • Parts only 
  1. Submit the completed form and a shipment call tag will be created and shared with you. This will be used to ship the device to CTL headquarters for further processing.
  2. Once a CTL specialist has inspected the device and confirmed the device condition, a credit will be issued via the method selected when submitting the CTL buyback form. CTL buyback payment can be issued via Paypal or as a credit towards future purchases.

Rather than letting old devices gather dust in an equipment closet, give them new life and recover value to better manage your fleet! CTL is happy to provide the option of taking old Chromebooks off your hands to help you upgrade your Chromebook fleet. Check out the latest Chromebooks and Chromeboxes at ctl.net or visit buyback.ctl.net if you are interested in selling back your old Chromebook(s).


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