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CTL Chromebox CBx2 Roundup Reviews

After being named to Chrome Unboxed Gear of the Year 2020 List, the CTL Chromebox CBx2 has proven to be a crowd favorite of consumers and top reviewers in the tech industry. Following the popular Chromebox CBx1, the CBx2  received major upgrades in processor, storage, and networking performance at an affordable price. Check out some of the best reviews of the CTL Chromebox CBx2 and try one out for yourself!


Android Police reviews the CTL CBx2 Chromebox and thinks it is “perfect for casual use” offering great performance at a compelling price. Considered a “solid upgrade”, Android Police also highlighted the VESA mounting kit included with CTL Chromeboxes to take full advantage of saving space and optimizing mini PC functionality. One month later, Android Police followed up with an updated review that gave the CTL CBx2 Chromebox an 8.5/10,recommending the CBx2 to users that need a versatile, cloud-based desktop that will get continuous and automatic updates for a long time.


Chrome Unboxed talked about why you should consider a Chromebox as your home PC hitting major points like the ability to upgrade RAM and  HDMI capabilities that allow a user to easily create the ultimate desktop work setup. Chrome Unboxed dove deep with their CTL CBx2 Chromebox reviews, even showing how to easily upgrade RAM on the CTL CBx2 Chromebox.



Also check out this cool Ultimate Chrome OS Desk Setup by Chrome Unboxed, featuring the CTL CBx2-7 Chromebox with the powerful Intel i7 processor. This setup is a Chrome lover's dream!


You can customize the CTL CBx2 Chromebox to personalize and make it your own with custom painting. Check out more Chromeboxes and Chromebooks at ctl.net and please contact us for bulk purchasing.