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CTL® Celebrates a Successful PDXLAN 22 Event

CTL Monitors in use at PDXLAN

Gamers love CTL monitors!

This past year, CTL® has forged a partnership with local gaming organization, PDXLAN. Since 2002, PDXLAN has been putting on LAN parties that attract an average of 500 computer gamers coming from all over the U.S. and Canada to game for four days straight. What makes PDXLAN unique is that the event coordinators believe in giving to the average gamer, not just the pros. That’s why they give away the largest prizes in miscellaneous contests and the general raffle.

We feel that it’s important to build alliances in the community, especially when that community is having a ton of FUN with our products!! CTL® was proud to supply 24’’ and 27’’ LED monitors at the recent PDXLAN 22 event on July 12-14. Eight lucky winners took home a CTL® LP2361 24’’ monitor and one person even won a CTL® LP2701A 27’’ monitor in the raffle.

Gamers love our LED monitors for their high resolution, sleek flat panel screens, quick response time and vivid image.  Their slim design that includes HDMI and DispalyPort makes it easy to assemble a multi-monitor set up. And the integrated stereo speakers, volume control and headphone jack let users immerse themselves in their favorite game.

We also unveiled our 30’’ ultra-high resolution LCD monitor, the CTL® 3001 Ultra. LAN party participants had the opportunity to check out our latest display and save $50 by placing a pre order. This is going to be a hot item for the gaming community, based on the feedback we received. With a WQXGA resolution of 2560 x 1600, this monitor boasts one of the highest resolutions on the market! We got a lot of thumbs up for the IPS panel and 178-degree viewing angle as well as the 1000:1 contrast ratio and built-in speakers.

It’s amazing to see how this group has come together to create inclusive events that unite gamers and put the main emphasis on having fun. What’s great for CTL® is that PDXLAN is right here in Portland, giving us the opportunity to be the only local company amongst other sponsors such as NVIDIA, ZOTAC, Fractal Design and others.  PDXLAN holds events several times a year, so if you aren’t familiar with them, check out their website at www.pdxlan.net. We hope to see you at the next LAN party!


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