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CTL Chromebook NL71: What's New?

The CTL Chromebook NL Series has been a popular choice for both schools and offices. We’re excited to announce upgraded featured highlights of the newest Chromebook NL model, the CTL Chromebook NL71 series. The NL71 maintains the same lightweight and rugged build of previous NL Chromebook models, but the updated CTL Chromebook NL71 has a few new features that are sure to optimize your productivity and make an impact.

With a refreshed  Intel Gemini Lake processor and gigabit MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, CTL Chromebook NL71 is up to 40% faster, which will ramp up your productivity for the day. Internally, the NL71 features a new piano-style keyboard connection for increased durability to maximize your productivity and get through your workload with ease. The CTL Chromebook NL71 also now has an HDMI port to more easily connect to monitors and projectors - this is a huge step for those that have been looking for this type of functionality.

Of course, on top of its new capabilities, the same great rugged features you’re used to in NL Chromebooks still exist. This includes a rotating camera, a handy carrying handle, and a water-resistant setup with drain holes at the bottom of the device. 

The CTL Chromebook NL71 is available starting at $239.00. Please contact us for more information about this Chrome device and also find out more about our Direct to Student (DTS) Program that helps with deploying Chromebooks directly to a student’s door.


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