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CTL Corporation Announces Its Membership in the Microsoft Platinum OEM Program

Portland, Oregon,  January 22, 2003

CTL Corporation, today announced its new status as a Microsoft Platinum OEM. CTL,which manufactures, markets and distributes Personal Computers, Workstations, Laptops, Monitors and Servers, has been named aMicrosoft Platinum OEM because of its direct agreement with a Microsoft subsidiary to license Microsoft products for distribution in fully assembled personal computers. The Microsoft Platinum OEM designation will enable CTL to take advantage of the positive attributes of the Microsoft brand.

“CTL is extremely pleased with our new status as a Microsoft Platinum OEM,” said Mike Mahanay, Director of Marketing. “Being a Microsoft Platinum OEM enables us to communicate the direct licensing agreement we have with Microsoft via our marketing efforts with the channel and end-user customers.”

The Microsoft Platinum OEM designation allows CTL to utilize the Microsoft Platinum OEM logo, which is an easy way for customers to recognize CTLas one of Microsoft’s valued OEMs.

“Microsoft is very pleased to have CTL as a Platinum OEM,” said Melody O’Tierney, Group Manager, US-OEM Sales.“Today, Microsoft recognizes CTL and welcomes it as a new Microsoft Platinum OEM.”

About CTL Corporation

CTL is a global corporation with offices in North America and Europe. CTL’s various facilities manufacture, market and distribute PC Computers, Chromebox Computers, Chrome Book Tablet, Rugged Chromebooks and Monitors. CTL is committed to expanding international and domestic operations by continually evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing market. CTL is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

More information about CTL and CTL’s products can be found at www.ctl.info


Mike Mahanay

CTL Corporation




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