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CTL Corporation Introduces “Easy Touch” Touch Screen Monitor Product Line To The Value Added Reseller And Retail Resale Channels.

Beaverton, Oregon, February, 22 2001

CTL announced today that it has introduced it’s Easy Touch  line of touch screen CTL branded monitors to the Value Added Reseller and Retail Resale channels. CTL introduced the Easy Touch product line in September 2000 for market testing by select customers in the Manufacturing, Point of Sale and Kiosk industries with the intention of introducing the product line to the Reseller Channel prior to the second quarter of 2001. CTL’s Director of Marketing, Mike Mahanay, says that Market acceptance of the Easy Touch line has exceeded expectations prompting the company to step up the date of it’s product launch into the channel. “By introducing the Easy Touch line now, we’re better able to leverage our strong price advantage, manufacturing flexibility and channel reach to capture market share while demand is rapidly growing.”

Erik Stromquist, CTL’s Executive Vice President, says that the companies market research indicates that Resellers are ready to embrace touch screen monitor products. “Resellers are looking for strategic products that can add profit to their bottom line. Because we integrate touch technology into our existing line of CTL branded monitors for the Easy Touch line, we have a cost advantage that translates into a lower cost for our product than for the other brands of touch enabled monitors that are currently available in the market. This allows our resellers to price the Easy Touch line very competitively while still maintaining an excellent margin.”

Stromquist says that one of the first resellers to offer the product is Menlo Park, CA based Egghead.com which offers a 17” Easy Touch CTL Monitor for $799.

Computer Technology Link’s conventional CTL branded monitor products consist of a CRT line positioned in the Value market, a CRT line positioned in the Professional market and a TFT LCD Flat Panel line. CTL incorporates resistive touch technology into four of it’s current CRT and TFT models: the 5XLN (15” .28 dot pitch CRT); 700TF (17” .25 dot pitch DynaflatÒ CRT); 900VX (19” .26 dot pitch CRT); and the 5TS (15” TFT LCD Flat Panel).

Resistive touch technology utilizes a glass or acrylic panel with electrically conductive as well as resistive layers which are separated by invisible separator dots. An electrical current moves through the panel which changes when the screen is touched. This causes a touch event to be registered. Advantages of resistive touch technology include durability, ease of use and the ability to withstand many types of harsh environments. Resistive touch screen monitors are becoming increasingly popular in applications such as Point of Sale, control automation systems, medical use and restaurant use.

About CTL Corporation

CTL is a global corporation with offices throughout North America and Asia. CTL’s various facilities manufacture, market and distribute Personal Computers, Chromebox Computers, Chromebook Tablets, Google Chromebooks and Monitors. CTL is committed to expanding international and domestic operations by continually evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing market. CTL is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon with branch offices and distribution facilities in Portland OR, Kent WA, Wheat Ridge CO and Seoul Korea. More information about CTL and CTL’s products can be found at www.ctl.net and www.ctlmonitors.com.

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Erik Stromquist

Executive Vice President

Computer Technology Link Corp.


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