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CTL Direct to Student (DTS) Chromebook Deployment Program

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, forcing large scale social distancing. With schools shutting down and students unable to meet for class, quickly enabling distance learning programs has become a necessity for schools around the United States. CTL is committed to helping schools quickly implement effective direct distance learning initiatives. CTL has launched the Direct to Student (DTS) program, which allows schools and school districts to easily roll out small or large scale Chromebook deployments directly to students’ homes. 

During this difficult time, many businesses are closed, however, CTL is considered an essential business and we’ve been able to continue to provide service, support and Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Google video conferencing hardware to our customers. CTL is in a unique position to serve those in need of distance learning. With inventory, the ability to White Glove Chromebooks for schools, and the ability to deliver ready-to-ship products directly to a student’s door, CTL can help schools and districts get their students and teachers up and running with the remote learning tools they need. 

CTL can help streamline Chromebook deployment with hands-on customer service and guidance through the purchasing process:

  • CTL provides schools with a template spreadsheet to collect information on where to ship each individual Chromebook. If the school chooses, CTL can proactively reach out to parents to update their shipment arrival and any technical support they may need when setting up the device
  • If the school chooses, CTL can build an end user-facing web page for parents with all the information they need and who to contact for support
  • CTL Whiteglove Provisioning loads user credentials onto each device so all parents and students need to do when receiving the device is turn it on, connect to wifi and log in
  • CTL can apply school asset tags or can provide generic CTL asset tags to track Chromebooks
  • Tracking information, serial numbers and MAC addresses can be sent to your school’s IT department

CTL is committed to helping bridge the gap to rapidly enable effective distance learning programs. Remote collaboration for the classroom has never been more necessary. CTL hopes that our Direct to Student program can help school districts to quickly roll out these programs. 

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