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CTL Donates J5 Chromebooks to help with hurricane relief efforts

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have spent the past few weeks devastating the coasts in Puerto Rico, Florida, and United States Virgin Islands.The damage from these storms have left millions without power, and many without housing or access to food or potable water. As relief agencies flock to the worst hit areas, , the task of helping people find loved ones and obtain access to food, water, and shelter has become an overwhelming priority. However, due to the damaged infrastructure lack of communications and power, organizing these relief efforts has presented a unique challenge.

CTL has partnered with the Google Crisis Access Response Team (GoCART)  to get much needed help to those in the hurricane's destructive path, making a donation of 20 J5 Chromebook units to GoCART to be distributed to the United States Virgin Islands. GoCART teams are highly trained volunteer technology professionals who work diligently with state and local agencies to provide connectivity (phones, Internet, WiFi) and other technology resources to communities in times of large-scale crisis, aiding in the recovery process.

CTL president, Erik Stromquist said of the efforts,

“We’re concerned and heartbroken for the families affected by these disasters. It is critical that those affected by the storms are able to access resources to help them provide for themselves and their families, many of which require online access. We hope that the donation of the J5 Chromebooks will aid volunteers in helping those in need.”

The CTL Chromebooks will be put to the task of helping those needing to access emergency supplemental food and cash programs like D-SNAP, Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which aids low-income households with food loss or damage caused by natural disasters. The donated J5's will be used for their registration tables, facilitating access to those needing to sign-up for the program.


*NOTE: The J5 is no longer available and is being replaced with the NL7T and NL7TW.


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