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CTL In The News: CTL’s Erik Stomquist Is Quoted In CRN Article On Tablets


System Builders Embrace Tablets
By Rob Wright, CRN
June 7, 2011 3:07 PM EST

It’s not just the major OEMs that are getting into the tablet PC market — custom system builders and boutique PC makers are also embracing the trend and carving out their own niches in the suddenly crowded tablet game.

Whereas custom notebooks presented serious challenges to system builders more than a decade ago — components were hard to come by, and prices were high — the tablet has so far been the complete opposite; boutique computer makers have been able to quickly add tablets, slates and combination devices to their product lines and are already starting to see success, despite the intense competition from larger OEMs such as Apple (NSDQ:AAPL), Samsung and Dell (NSDQ:Dell).

“We launched our first convertible tablet notebook in 2008 so we’ve been in the space for a long time,” said Erik Stromquist, COO of CTL Corp. in Portland, Ore. “For us, getting into the tablet business wasn’t a huge challenge because we have good relationships with our suppliers.”

When CTL introduced the Windows-based 10.1-inch 2goPad last year, the company originally targeted consumers and positioned the device as an iPad alternative. But Stromquist says CTL quickly realized it wasn’t the right approach for his company. “I think Apple will rule that space for the foreseeable future. We really found our stride in verticals like health care that have a mobile workforce.”

Another key for CTL was this: There was a wide-open door to fill the gap for Windows-based tablets. While a slew of hardware manufacturers have embraced Google (NSDQ:GOOG)’s Android operating system for tablets and mobile devices, Windows 7 has lagged behind. But Stromquist says there’s a big opportunity for Windows-based tablets for business users that want seamless integration with their desktop and/or notebook PCs.

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