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CTL In The News: Our All-in-One 650 is Featured in CRN Article

Last week we were at Microsoft’s World Partnership Conference. We were excited to be able to present our new All-in-One 650. The All-in-One 650 was a huge hit at WPC and was featured in a great CRN article.


Microsoft WPC: All-In-One PCs Ready For A Revival?

By Joesph F. Kover, CRN
July 14, 2011    5:57 PM ET

Erik Stromquist CTL's COO at WPC

Erik Stromquist, CTL's COO, shows off the All-in-One 650

Custom system builders are pinning their hopes on Microsoft(NSDQ:MSFT)’s latest Windows operating system and a new Intel(NSDQ:INTC) motherboards form factor to find success in the all-in-one PC market.

All-in-one PCs are PCs in which the monitor, motherboard, processor, memory, and storage are all built into a single chassis. They have been around for years, mainly for specialized purposes as kiosks.

However, a new crop of all-in-one PCs is starting to come to market featuring new form factor motherboards, new large touch screen displays, and Microsoft’s Windows 7 Pro operating system

Erik Stromquist, COO at CTL, said the other key to success in the all-in-one PC business is the new thin mini-ITX form factor motherboard design from Intel, which Intel and other suppliers are using to produce motherboards small enough to fit inside the tiny cases associated with all-in-one PCs yet flexible enough to work with processors from the Atom to the i7.

The thin mini-ITX motherboards are the same size as mini-ITX models, but only about half as thick, making them more suitable for use in all-in-one PCs, according to Intel.

The motherboards give all-in-one PC builders the option to choose which processor to use, or to ship without the processor, Stromquist said. While some thin mini-ITX motherboards cannot be serviced or upgraded once installed, models from Intel do allow such upgrades, he said.

CTL’s all-in-one PC is built into a 22-inch screen with choice of touch and non-touch models. Solution providers can purchase them fully configured from CTL with a choice of processor, memory, hard drive, and optical drive, or can add their own, Stromquist said.

The PC portion can be accessed for upgrades and configuration by placing the device screen-down, removing a single screw, and then removing the cover, he said.

The CTL all-in-one PC, which provides solution providers and customers the option of putting their own corporate logo on the bezel, will shortly come to market. Stromquist said that a model with the Intel i5 processor and touch-screen capability will list for about $899, while a non-touch version will probably list for about $599. He said CTL plans to offer an Atom processor-based model this Fall that will start out at about $399.

Read the full article here: www.crn.com


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