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CTL Introduces New 2go® Studybook L7 Tablet

CTL will be introducing the 2go® Studybook L7 tablet later this spring and for those seeking a sleek, ultra-mobile tablet that has the power and function to use for school or business it will be worth the wait. Though this 7″ tablet was designed for education, it’s got enough storage and power for professional users as well. With the option to come loaded with Windows  7 or the Android operating system, it can run the entire suite of Microsoft business applications. Unlike many tablets on the market, it’s got up to 32GB of storage available, a USB port, a microSD card slot, and audio out, making it a fully functional tablet.

This tablet is powered by the Intel Atom Z650 Processor and features an anti-glare backlight display. With Wi-Fi and B/G/N connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0, it’s a great mobile solution for anyone who takes their work in the field such as home inspectors, police officers, medical professionals, military personnel, pilots or flight crews, and of course, students. As the first ruggedized 7″ tablet on the market, the L7 is tough enough for a variety of environments. It’s built to withstand a drop from desk height and features a durable, water-resistant chassis.

The 1024 x 600 multi-capacitive touch module makes it easy to use on the go, whether it’s pulling up time sensitive information or analyzing images. For students, it’s essential for research, assignments, and presentations. The L7 comes with handwriting recognition to make note taking easy and save hours in typing. Business users will be able to quickly access the files they need when they need them. The built in camera facilitates video-conferencing with friends, family or business colleagues. Whether you are a student away from home, or one of the increasing number of professionals who telecommute, the L7 is a compact device that keeps you connected to home or the office from nearly anywhere.

For educators, the 2go® Studybook L7 comes with educational software pre-installed, including classroom management, LabCam applications that support scientific inquiry, and an optimized e-reader. Additionally, the L7 is fully manageable with the Teacher PC spec (a reference design and software stack for machines that teachers can use to develop content and administer the devices). There’s also collaboration software providing a student-friendly interface so that both teachers and students can collaborate within the classroom electronically.

But this tablet isn’t only for school and business. If you travel frequently, the L7 is the perfect companion. Download your favorite books, music, or games and enjoy up to 6 hours of battery life to keep you entertained in transit. The interface is user-friendly enough for children and with Android 2.3, it’s possible to download all the hottest apps including facebook, Netflix, Skype, flickr, Google +, and hundreds of games.

The 2go® Studybook L7 Tablet with Windows 7 is available for pre-order now at http://www.ctl.net/studybookL7. Android models will be available for order in June. With the Windows 7 configuration starting at $469, the L7 offers great value for a versatile tablet that’s much more than meets the eye.