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CTL® is Your Provider for ExaGrid Disk Backup Appliances!

Exagrid EX

Save Time and Money with CTL®’s Selection of ExaGrid Backup and Deduplication Appliances

CTL® is excited to partner with leading data backup solution provider ExaGrid to offer our customers a revolutionary new system for disk-based backup with deduplication. We’re proud to be teaming up with ExaGrid, an industry leader and winner of the InfoWorld “Technology of the Year 2013” award. In a review published on the InfoWorld website, reviewer Matt Prigge writes, “Although data deduplication has become fairly common, not all backup appliances are created equal; the real trick is providing seamless scalability and offsite replication capabilities. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture guarantees that even as your data grows, your backup windows won’t.”

It’s no wonder that federal, state and local governments are switching to ExaGrid systems. With more than 5,000 systems installed across more than 1,500 customers worldwide, ExaGrid is a proven leader in disk backup with data deduplication.  “The ExaGrid system was more cost-effective than other deduplication solutions that we evaluated. We were also impressed with ExaGrid’s post-process approach to data deduplication. It’s been very effective at reducing our data and we’ve had dedupe rates as high as 59:1 for our SharePoint data,” says Chad Holton, Network Administrator for the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

So, what makes ExaGrid appliances better than backing up with a tape library? Even though backing up to a tape library has been the traditional method for performing backups, many IT organizations have become dissatisfied with the inefficiencies of tape-based backups. Tape backups can be slow and run the risk of failure, damage or loss. Plus, tape backups need to be monitored and the equipment requires maintenance. For these reasons, IT organizations are seeking alternatives that offer fast backups and restores, scalability without major upgrades, fast disk-based offsite disaster recovery, and a low IT maintenance burden.

ExaGrid’s disk backups are proven to be faster, more secure and more reliable than tape backups. And ExaGrid’s GRID architecture allows seamless scalability from 3.5TB to 320TB raw capacity, allowing full backups from 1TB to 130TB without extensive upgrades or degradation in backup performance as data grows. Many agencies have also reported saving 10-20 hours a week in IT hours after switching to ExaGrid because their devices do not require the maintenance of tape backups. Yet, the price is comparable to the cost of a new tape library!

Of course there are other disk-based backup appliances on the market, but ExaGrid’s system offers a GRID architecture with full servers and post-process deduplication, which is faster and more scalable. Other appliances use a front-end server architecture with disk shelves and inline deduplication, which is slower and requires costly upgrades to scale. Using the ExaGrid system, full servers are added as data grows, each with their own processor, memory, bandwidth and disk. This maintains consistently fast backup performance and a fixed length backup window as data increases. For example, if your data doubles from 10TB to 20TB, the processor, memory, bandwidth and disk all double which means you will have twice the resources!

ExaGrid backup appliances offer cost effective scalability by using full servers. As data grows, you simply add another server into the GRID architecture. There is no need to pay for expensive upgrades, so the cost is less over time than other backup systems. Just add as you grow and keep the structure you already have. And, you’ll spend less up front – the ExaGrid systems can be as much as 30% less than an inline/block system.

CTL® is your provider for the ExaGrid EX Series Product line, which works seamlessly with the industry’s leading backup applications. The appliance typically installs in about an hour and each model in the EX Series can be combined into a GRID configuration of up to 320TB raw capacity, allowing full backups of up to 130TB! For more information on CTL®’s line of ExaGrid backup and deduplication appliances, contact your sales rep today at 1-800-642-3087.


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