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CTL: Known For Fast Computers… Now Supporting Fast Runners On Our 2011 Hood To Coast Sponsored Relay Team

Hood to Coast RelayCTL is well known for reliable, well designed and eco-friendly computers.   But are our computers Fast? We say yes and we are willing to run 197 miles to prove it to you.  Hood to Coast 2011 here we come.

CTL is sponsoring and helping to field a team of 12 runners to participate in the OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay race taking place August 26/27 2011.  In case you’ve never heard of this race, here is the summary.  (from Wikipedia)

The OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay is an overnight, long-distance relay race held in the U.S. state of Oregon, annually in late August, traditionally on the Friday and Saturday before the Labor Day weekend. It is one of the longest major relays in North America and the largest in the world in terms of total participation (15,000 in Hood To Coast Relay, 20,400 total participants, including Portland To Coast Walk Relay and High School Challenge Relay). The course runs 322 km (200 miles) from Timberline Lodge on the slopes of Mount Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon, through the Portland metropolitan area, and over the Oregon Coast Range to the beach town of Seaside on the Oregon Coast.

Our team has the goal to complete the race in 25 hours which translates to an average pace of 7:53 per mile.  We won’t win the race but 7:53 is respectable and pretty darn fast considering the mileage and the terrain.  On the computer side, that’s a different story.  CTL has been integrating some of the fastest processors Intel can make these days.  We’ve been shipping new machines with Intel’s I7 2600K(Quad Core) which is unlocked and capable of being overclocked over 5ghz. Combined this with a SSD, 2333mhz DDR3 memory, and AMD HD6590 Video cards CTL has been quietly been making some of the fastest computers on the market.

For more information on Hood To Coast, visit www.hoodtocoast.com  For information on CTL and our latest computer products please visit www.ctl.net

Happy Running and cheer’s to FAST COMPUTERS!

Erik Stromqust, COO


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