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CTL NL61TX Chromebook: Unique, Rugged, & Ready for Classrooms says PC Magazine

It’s a little like seeing our name in lights when PC Magazine writes up a review on one of our Chromebooks for education. This time, the NL61TX ultra-rugged touchscreen Chromebook took the stage.

Taking note on its durability, the PC Magazine team put the NL61TX to the test standing on the unit, dropping the Chromebook from lap height, and were even brave enough to purposefully pour liquid on the keyboard. Good thing we stand behind our claims to have some of the most rugged Chromebooks on the market!

Carrying Handles, X-Panels, and Rotating Cameras on a Chromebook? Oh my!

In the Chromebook review, a few features unique to the CTL NL61TX Education Chromebook stood out amongst other versions of Chromebooks. The team took note of the sly carrying handle on the hinge side of the unit. Adding to the “ready for students” design, the carrying handle is there to reduce the risk of accidents. The handle tucks neatly away to appear as part of the hinge design, but it can be easily pulled out to transport from class to class.

Also on this unit is the X-Panel which protects the unit’s corners in a fall and creates a whiteboard surface for drawing and taking notes, or allows kids to customize their own Chromebook.

Another feature, unique to the NL61TX, is the rotating camera. This camera is made to be rotated a full 180 degrees to capture images and videos of lectures and classmates, or when used pointing up to work with Labcam, turning the unit into a microscope for science.

A Chromebook with Great Battery Life to Stand Up to the Battery of Life

PC Magazine noted that their tests showed the unit lasting up to 12½ hours, which is 3½ hours longer than other competitors as discussed by the Chromebook review. That’s a full day of school, a bus ride, and even homework time without a charge to the unit!

Coupled with a long-lasting battery, the NL61TX Chromebook also is made to be ultra rugged with its x-panel which can hold up to 365 pounds of pressure to the unit and weight the unit in a fall to land on the panel and not the hardware in the bottom of the unit. The NL61TX also features a spill-proof keyboard which allows liquid spilt on the unit to drain away from its internal components.

NL61TX Chromebook, Reach out … Touchscreens!

In addition, the NL61TX Chromebook is equipped with a touchscreen that was noted to be great for scrolling and pinch zoom. It is responsive to touch and complements the 11.6-inch IPS screen, which delivers vivid colors and broad viewing angles.

The trackpad was noted to be smooth and responsive to a variety of finger movements. PC Magazine commented on the keyboard’s snappy feel. The NL61TX keyboard features a great feel, but it is still quite enough to not be distracting in a class full of students. Also, it’s worth mentioning again and again that the keyboard has a spill-proof design.  

Chromebook Powered Classrooms. It’s Really What Is on the Inside that Counts

The NL61TX demonstrated its ability to keep up with the rest of the class, with its Celeron CPU and 4gb of memory, by speed start-up times and handling multiple tabs open on a browser. The unit running on Chrome OS is great for working on G-Suite products like Google Docs whether on or offline and is eligible for a free 100gb of Google Drive space for 2 years.

Thanks, PC Magazine!

Are you curious to know more about the NL61TX Chromebook and its tailored for school use rugged design and affordable pricing? Check out the NL61TX product page for details and pricing!

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