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CTL Now A Member of the Responsible Labor Initiative

CTL is proud to announce that we are now part of the Responsible Labor Initiative (RLI). 

Part of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the Responsible Labor Initiative (RLI) launched in 2017 as a collection of organizations that support RLI’s vision to value the rights and dignity of workers through every part of global supply chains while promoting appropriate employment practices. At any point in the manufacturing process it is everyone’s responsibility, from suppliers to stakeholders, to implement work practices combating forced labor. 

The RLI consists of organizations that are dedicated to using their influence to reduce vulnerable working conditions. RLI members, which also include Intel, Amazon, and Microsoft, focus on protecting the rights of vulnerable workers through the advanced application of raising due diligence standards with programs and resources that support reducing the risk of forced labor. Examples of forced labor include high recruitment fees, a lack of transparency regarding work conditions, inadequate legal protections and restrictions of freedom in the workplace. A multi-stakeholder governance structure of socially responsible investors, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations come together to hold all global supply chains and labor laws to suitable standards. 

At CTL, it has been a part of our company mission to continuously improve working conditions from CTL headquarters directly up to the beginning of our supply chains. Becoming part of the Responsible Labor Initiative allows us to properly promote the rights of workers and encourage other organizations to fight forced labor globally. 

To learn more about the Responsible Labor Initiative, please visit https://www.responsiblelabor.org/about/rli-initiative/. Want to learn more about our latest CTL products and possibly qualify for a Buy and Try discount device? Book a meeting with us to get started.