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CTL® Offers Lenovo ThinkServer Solutions for the Public Sector

Lenovo Rack Server for GovernmentCTL's Lenovo Tower Servers for Public SectorAt CTL®, we understand the demands on Public Sector organizations to make their data processing more efficient and cost-effective while ensuring maximum security. Public Sector organizations provide diverse services to large populations, which can make their IT needs particularly complex. We know that each organization  has unique needs, and therefore there is no one “right” server choice for everyone.  As a provider of IT solutions, CTL® is proud to be distributing Lenovo ThinkServers because of their quality, reliability and manageability. The Lenovo ThinkServers are known for their outstanding thermal efficiency, remarkably quiet acoustics, and enterprise-tough designs. Featuring vibration-resistant, shock-proof drive carriers and robust chassis choices, ThinkServer rack and tower servers are designed for demanding and cost-efficient use.

If your organization is dealing with dynamic growth and ongoing change, you may want to shop CTL®’s selection of Lenovo rack servers. Lenovo single-and dual-processor rack servers combine high performance and reliability in a small package to optimize space without compromising power. And if environmental certifications are one of your criteria, you’ll be happy to know that Lenovo rack servers are Energy Star and Climate Savers Computing® certified as well as RoHS compliant. These green servers include more than 92% efficient power supplies.

CTL’s line of Lenovo tower Servers are a good match for established public sector organizations that expect to remain the same size or experience slow, steady growth. Lenovo tower servers offer performance at an affordable price, with plenty of options for expansion and growth. With advanced processing performance, memory and storage, the CTL selection of Lenovo tower servers are designed around rock-solid hardware. These servers come with easy-to-use software and provide the ultimate in dependability, resilience and scalability.

Both the Lenovo rack and tower servers allow for remote management enabling your IT department to maintain control of the system from anywhere. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a server for your public sector organization. We’ve covered some of the basics here, but you can contact CTL® can help to match you to the right Lenovo server for your needs. Just give us a call at 1-800-642-3087 or contact your sales rep directly. Now, it’s easier than ever to get a server your organization can count on at a price that works for your budget!


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