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CTL Offers The Intel Server Continuity Suite (SCS) For Easy, Powerful and Affordable Server Management

Intel’s Server Continuity Suite is user-friendly and powerful data protection and backup software that’s simple to manage and costs less than comparable solutions.

The Intel Continuity SuitIntel Server Continuity Suitee utilizes a single unified management GUI and offers Enterprise Class features such as data protection that backs up your data without a backup window and recovery to any point in time. The Predictive Failure function lets you know when the system might go down and increases protection in case it does.

Management is streamlined with one place to set up alerts and scheduled tasks, one user interface to learn and run, and the ability to manage anytime from anywhere.

In order to offer the very best of each component of server management, Intel has integrated three solutions from different companies:

• Intel Hardware Management

• LSI RAID Management

• InMage Data Protection

The result is one interface and a system of intelligence sharing that allows all of the components to talk to each other. And, there’s only one phone call for support. Using the best available hardware, RAID management and data protection features, the Intel Continuity Suite offers maximum security and comprehensive server management that’s easy to use. Below are the highlights of this powerful software:

Intel SCS System Manager (Hardware and RAID management)

• Quickly know where and why the system may be in a critical state

• See the system exactly as it is configured

• Point and click RAID configuration

• Dashboard showing most important information on one screen.

• LSI RAID Controllers supported in addition to Intel’s RAID controllers.

Intel SCS Data Protection Manager

• It’s constantly being protected. Synch once and never again.

• No backup window

• No scheduled backups

• No performance hit

• Recovery at ANY point in time

• Go back seconds, hours or days to restore a file or a full server.

• Faster recovery time objective

• No hidden cost with Agents or CDP. It’s all included!

Want to learn more? Contact us or download a 60-day trial of the Intel Server Continuity Suite here:


Once you download and try the software, you’ll be able to purchase individual features and order an electronic registration key from CTL. A two-year maintenance subscription is available as an upgrade from the included one-year plan. Finally, all you have to do is register your software and enter the registration key and baseboard serial number in the EPSD website to receive the license key to enter into your software.

Remember, when it comes to server management and data protection, consider the following, and you’ll see how Intel’s Server Continuity Suite is the leading solution.

Cost – When you look at competitive products, be sure you understand all their agent costs – de-dupe, full system restore – with SCS it is all included. The Intel Server Continuity Suite has no hidden costs.

Architecture and Performance – Intel’s Server Continuity Suite features CDP technology that outperforms traditional way of backup. Users experience no performance dips and hardly know it is running. Configure once and it’s done!

Ease of use – Integrated hardware and storage management makes learning, deploying and configuring the Intel Continuity Suite easier than competing software.


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