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CTL Partners with AMPIL to Provide Flexible Financing Options for Our Customers

We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with Ampil, a division of Insight Investments, LLC. to provide a flexible finance alternative for your CTL purchases. Ampil and Insight Investments have been providing clients with creative and simple finance alternatives for over 30 years.

Ampil offers a variety of customizable financing options designed to meet your unique IT purchasing needs, including:

  • Operating lease, rental and tech refresh options.
  • Ownership options with Capital Lease or favorable end of term purchase options (FMV Lease or Dollar Buyout Lease).
  • Custom payment options such as:
    • Bridge to Budget solutions
    • Deferred payment starting dates
    • Step leases allowing lower payments at the lease commencement
  • Total solution financing
  • IT Asset Management Tool

Ampil also has very transparent and straightforward lease documentation which leads to the best customer satisfaction results in the industry.

While technology leasing programs are becoming increasingly popular with customers across industries, many K12 education customers are also taking note. They may choose to lease Chromebooks for a 1:1 schoolwide deployment rather than purchase the Chromebooks in order to better manage their technology refresh cycle. Additionally, a school that decides to use an FMV Chromebook lease rather than a dollar buyout, can deploy devices to more students for the same budget. Finally, leases can fund services such as Professional Development, spare unit pools, extended warranties, and even resources for extra service and support that can help to make a 1:1 or personalized learning initiative successful.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to avoid technology obsolescence, improving your financial metrics, making your budget dollars go farther and managing your cash flow, please contact CTL today at websales@ctl.net.

Also feel free to check out our wide variety of education Chromebooks and affordable Chromeboxes.


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