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CTL’s 2go™ PC Classmate E12 Netbook is Now T-Mobile® Certified!

CTL 2go Classmate PCs now certified for T-Mobile 3GNow you can access T-Mobile broadband internet on CTL’s 2go PC Classmate E12 Netbook! When you purchase a new E12 you can get the Huawei 3G Modem card for T-Mobile installed, and this netbook is certified for activation by T-Mobile. This means when you order a CTL 2go PC E12 with the T-Mobile option, CTL will activate your netbook before it ships so it’s already configured to go online when you open the package.

Because the Huawei 3G Modem card for T-Mobile is installed inside the Classmate E12, you won’t have to purchase a “laptop stick.” All you need is a 2, 5 or 10 GB T-Mobile broadband data to get online. The built-in 3.5G HSPA+ modem card is built for speed. You’ll enjoy rates as fast as 21mps and about 6 mps for uploads.

There are many advantages to T-Mobile broadband internet because it allows you to connect to the internet anywhere you get a T-Mobile data network signal, instead of having to hunt for a Wi-Fi location. When traveling to areas with T-Mobile coverage, this saves time and money in having to purchase and memorize multiple WiFi log ins.

The 2go® PC Classmate E12 may look like a student netbook at first glance. However, this model has more than enough power and durability to function in any line of work where ultra-mobility is a must, such as healthcare, field sales, home inspection, aviation, and law enforcement. With its lightweight design and protective rubberized case, the E12 has improved features from its predecessor, the E11, which include:

• Upgraded with the new Intel Atom™ N2600 processor, this is the most powerful 2go PC Classmate Netbook yet.

• The E12 offers up to 10.5 hours of battery life (a 40% increase from previous netbooks)!

• Choose from 3G connectivity from either T-Mobile or AT & T

• CTL is offering the choice of two operating systems for this netbook: Windows or Ubuntu

• The built-in webcam has been upgraded from 1.3 megapixels to 2.0 megapixels

• “Rapid Start” technology from Intel® which enables fast resume, allowing quicker access to internet, data, and applications.

The E12 is made to withstand some of the toughest conditions—use by children! This means that it’s rugged enough for many mobile workers, too. This netbook can survive a drop of up to 30 inches on a hard surface and resist up to 7 ounces of spilled water. It also comes with shock-mounted scratch- and water-resistant LCD screen, spill-resistant keyboard with antimicrobial protective coating, reinforced corners, and a protective rubberized case with removable handle. There’s even a sensor that shuts down the hard drive to prevent damage in the event of a fall. The chiclet style keyboard is reinforced and easily detachable to access memory, hard-disk drive/flash, and Wi-Fi. A thinner, fanless design equals a lightweight, ultra-mobile netbook that stands up to a variety of conditions.

Starting at $489, the E12 is a great solution to keep equipment costs in budget while maintaining quality and reliability. And you can have peace of mind when you select the fully configured 2go E12, which includes a full one-year parts and labor warranty, further lowering the total cost of ownership.

Visit ctl.net for more information on the 2go PC Classmate E12. For information on other CTL products, visit us at http://www.ctl.net./


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