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CTL®’s Educational Specialist Highlights Indispensable Classroom Software Offerings

Emily Stukel, CTL Educational SpecialistMy name is Emily Stukel and I’m a secondary social studies and language arts teacher for a virtual high school here in Oregon. I taught in a traditional classroom setting for five years, and have been in the virtual setting for about a year. Over the course of my time in the classroom, I’ve seen technology in education evolve from simplistic websites to simulations involving multiple students from around the country. With technology, students are not limited to their physical capacity inside of a classroom. They have access to global communities and virtual places that they otherwise may not be able to experience.

I’m also the Educational Specialist here at CTL®, and one of the most exciting parts of my job is being able to show other educators the possibilities at their fingertips when they use our educational software packages.

CTL® 2go Classmate series laptops and tablets sold to qualified education institutions include a robust set of educational software and tools which CTL® provides at no cost. Our solution pulls from a variety of sources: Intel Learning Series, Microsoft Learning series, 3rd party and open sourced software. This software stack is also available for Education customers in states that are purchasing through the MLTI (Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative) contract (click here for more information on CTL®’s involvement with educators and the MLTI).

One of the indispensable program applications on our device is Classroom Manager. Classroom Manager allows teachers to administer and collect formative assessments, distribute materials, collect completed work, and enables focused and engaged classrooms with full administration capabilities. Another application that draws on creativity is Microsoft Songsmith. It is an intuitive musical program that students can use to create songs across content areas. Lastly, Penzu is a protected online writing environment where students can access assignments and submit written work. Teachers can then give feedback, grade, and return assignments all in a virtual inbox/outbox format.

These are but a sampling of the numerous educational software titles available through CTL®. To learn more about our complete offerings, please feel free to e-mail me at estukel@ctl.net. I look forward to hearing from you and learning about how you’re using technology in your classroom!


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