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CTL’s J5 Rated One of the Best Chromebooks of 2017

Update: The J5 Chromebook is reaching its EOL status. Feel free to check out the upgraded versions like this rugged Chromebook or this travel-friendly Chromebook


PC Magazine recently released their best of 2017 Chromebooks and CTL is proud to announce the J5 Chromebook made the list with its convertible laptop-to-tablet touchscreen, long-lasting battery, and powerful processing ability. The rugged J5 Chromebook has become one of CTL’s best sellers, especially in K-12 Ed Tech, and maintains an affordable price point. Learn more about the CTL J5 Chromebook here.

Get More Mileage with the Convertible J5 Chromebook

One of the most notable features of the J5 is the 360-degree hinge that allows it to be used as a traditional laptop with full keyboard or be rotated to different modes such as display (keyboard folded under with screen facing forward), tent, or tablet. The display and tent modes are ideal for presentation use with multi-touch gesture touchscreen capabilities. When folded flat, the J5 can function as a tablet that responds to your finger or a stylus. PC Magazine noted the quality of this feature and commended the J5 for its excellent viewing angles and sturdy hinges that stabilize the screen in all four modes, even when users tap on the touchscreen.

Stay Cord-free and Mobile Longer with CTL’s J5 Chromebooks

Staying both mobile and untethered from cords have become a necessity in an increasingly wireless world. This means a long-lasting battery is a growing consumer demand. The J5 allows impressive amounts of time between charges, which is great for on-the-go students or staff who go from class to class or meeting to meeting. PC Magazine included this in their review of CTL’s J5 Chromebook when they tested the battery to last 12 hours and 21 minutes. They called the battery life “phenomenal”, pointing out the ability of the J5 to last all day at school and through homework time later in the day.

Don’t Wait When Faster is Better

The CTL J5 Chromebook comes loaded with an Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core processor with built-in Intel HD Graphics. Content-rich webpages load quickly with impressive video playback, while maintaining the ability to multitask smoothly. PC Magazine reported that the J5 performed well with half a dozen tabs open and stated that it was fast enough for academic work such as watching instructional videos.

Why Buy a Chromebook?

In the past few years, Chromebooks have taken over as the popular choice for K-12 educational devices. Schools, classrooms, and teachers have found Chromebooks to have everything needed to stay organized and monitor student progress. By using G-suite to manage student assignments and communications, Chromebooks make sense by offering an OS that performs quickly and updates easily with no extra costs. G-suite apps also offer the ability to run offline, allowing users without an internet connection to continue working without losing any changes.

CTL is proud to be one of PCMag’s top 10 Chromebooks of 2017 and we thank them for recognizing the J5 as an excellent laptop for school use. To see the 2017 list and link to the product review, visit: http://ctl.li/PCMag-J5-review.