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CTL’s LED Monitors are now offered for PC or Mac!

PC and Mac have traditionally been separatteuser groups, but times are changing. We’re behind this movement, so we’re happy to announce that our energy efficient EPEAT certified LED monitors now come in both  Mac and PC versions. This is great news for Mac users looking for a crystal clear high resolution display that’s energy efficient and budget-friendly.

CTL’s LED monitors come in 20”, 23”, 24”, and 27” sizes and now you can choose between the Mac or PC version. With the Mac version, you get everything you need (adapter cord, power supply) to plug and play. No matter what model Mac you have, CTL’s high definition monitors are compatible and offer brilliant graphics with our CTL three year warranty. The 24” and 27” models are VESA mountable making them ideal for business presentations, personal slide shows, or watching online video.

All of CTL’s LED monitors offer stunning clarity and compelling features. With integrated speakers, DVI, and analog input (dual input), you have everything you need right out of the box for either platform. And, our EPEAT certified LED monitors use 40% less energy than a traditional monitor. With prices ranging from $143 for the 20” size to $310 for the 27” size, these Mac-compatible monitors offer a great value.

To learn more, visit ctl.net/displays/led.


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