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CTL’s New MB40II5 is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For in a Notebook

Just right for my life on the go!


Recently I was issued a new notebook by CTL. For the past 3 years I’ve been carrying/using a wide range of 15.6” laptops. While they’ve been powerful; I’ve been seeking a better solution. Given that I’ve used virtually every form factor, I would say I’m a tough customer. My long list of devices include: netbooks(11.6″, 10.1″), i-Pad, chromebook, and the traditional desktop. I liked the portability of the ipad/netbooks. In fact my favorite device was a 11.6 dual Pentium notebook.  But, it lacked power! The ultimate list of wants included: lightweight, powerful (I5), great keyboard, and thin form factor. Enter the MB40II5.


14" MB40II5It’s been just a few days but I’m hooked. This thing is fast. They loaded up my machine with an Intel I5 2410 Processor running at 2.3 GHz. The MB40II5 supports the full range of Intel processors including; I3, I5, and I7.  Also included in my build is a lightning fast 96GB Kingston SSD Drive and 4GB of system RAM (supports up to 8GB). The MB40II5 includes a 14” Wide Screen LED LCD with a resolution of 1366X768. Despite being super-fast, what I really love about the machine is the keyboard and the fingerprint reader.  This is the first laptop from CTL that includes both a Chiclet keyboard and the FP reader. The Chiclet keyboard is “preferred” input device for the most modern machines. It was a great add and makes typing a breeze. The fingerprint reader allows me to log into the computer quickly and the included software adds the ability to use the application to remember other passwords. Very handy!


Finally, the MB40II5 included a management software suite to control power, screen, and disk management. While the name “super-posh”, is an interesting choice for the software suite; the software can add an additional two hours of battery life. On average, I’m able to get more than 5 hours of battery life.


Obviously I have a bias towards CTL products. I do work here! However, this notebook is the right one for me. Finally!