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CTL®’s Workstation/Enthusiast Notebooks Just Got Better!

Introducing the 15.6” Vector 8250T and 17.3” Vector 8290T

By Jeremy Burnett, CTL Director of Engineering and Product Development

CTL 8250T Vector Workstation Notebook

Last year CTL® released two performance oriented notebooks based on Intel’s 3rd generation processors.  Today CTL® is excited to announce the availability of the 15.6” Vector 8250T and the 17.3” Vector 8290T based on Intel’s 4th generation processors (code name Haswell).  The details on the new technology and exciting new components options are below:

4th Generation Processors – Haswell

The new generation of processors improves on the features that were included in previous processors.  A key focus for Intel and Haswell is to minimize power use while maximizing performance.  The new Vector systems with Quad Core i7 processors are now running faster and have an increased battery life.  Rapid Start Technology, Smart Response Technology, Smart Connect Technology, and Anti-Theft Technology are all available with the 4th generation processor and chipset.

Graphics Capability

For the CAD/CAM and architects out there a new workstation card has been added.  The Quadro K1000M is certified on a multitude of programs, for example SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Revit, and Photoshop to name a few.   Additionally, enthusiast options are available with the GTX 780M on the Nvidia platform and the Radeon HD 8970M on the AMD platform.  The default configuration is running with the Nvidia 770M which outperforms the 670M by 30-40% (Nvidia Link) in most games at 1080p!

Other Notable Features

Both models come with multiple hard drive configurations.  Standard notebook drives as well as an mSATA SSD drive are an option.  RAID configurations are also available in RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10.  CTL highly recommends the fast SSD drives.   Having additional hard disk drives help prevent any data loss.

Video output options include DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort and HDMI.  The 4th Generation Processors enable up to three displays running simultaneously.  Multi monitor display significantly improves productivity on many office and design tasks.

An additional fun feature is the LED programmable keyboard.  Three different zones in the keyboard are color customizable with 7 different effects.  It’s much easier to work or game in low light situations with a backlit keyboard!

Specs and Pricing

The 15.6” Vector 8250T with a 1080p Matte Screen, Nvidia GTX 770M, 8GB Memory and 750GB HDD starts at only $1449.  The 17.3” Vector 8290T with the same configuration starts at $1499.  Visit the CTL website Vector 8250T and 8290T product pages for additional details.


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