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CTL® Updates Vector Notebooks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M

CTL Vector 8258T and 8298T Workstation LaptopsCTL®’s Vector Notebooks just got better, thanks to the upgraded video card! Both the 15.6’’ and 17.3’’ models will include the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M card with 3D graphics. The GeForce GTX 880M brings elite, next-generation graphics performance to the CTL® Vector notebooks. Architects, designers, video editors and other graphics professionals will love the extreme speed and performance the GTX 880M can deliver.

It’s a favorite video card for gamers as well. You can count on fast and fluid gameplay with innovative NVIDIA technologies such as PhysX®, TXAA™, Shadowplay™ and Battery Boost. Gaming with a GeForce GTX 880M means you get a full feature set and stunning performance that lasts as long as you want to play.

NVIDIA GeForce 880M Graphics CardSo, how much faster will the graphics be in this new line of CTL® Vector Notebooks? The previous 770M processors operated at a 771 MHz base clock rate, however the 880M starts at 954 MHz. NVIDIA gives the 880M a typical boost rating of 993 MHz.

If you are looking for a high performance notebook that allows you to work or play from any location, look no further! The all new CTL® Vector 8258T 15.6’’ and Vector 8298T 17.3’’ workstation class notebooks are ready to take on your biggest graphic challenges.


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