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CTL Upgrades its Customer Support Website

New features will offer faster response times and improved customer support experience

CTL is proud to announce that we’re upgrading our Support Desk website to better serve our customers. Starting the morning of October 17, visitors to support.ctl.net will enjoy faster high-quality customer support response. Zendesk, CTL’s new support platform, will allow CTL techs to obtain customer details in half the time they were previously able to when using our old system. Zendesk offers a clean, modern interface and improved analytics so that customer cases will be tracked and evaluated as efficiently as possible.

What Customers Need to Know

CTL’s Support Desk website URL will remain the same (support.ctl.net). In addition, the email for support will remain the same (support@ctl.net). The old system will shut down the evening of Friday, October 14 at approximately 9:00 pm PST. The new and improved support portal will become active Monday, October 17, if not earlier. All customer accounts will be transferred, however, returning customers will need to reset their passwords as this secure, encrypted information will not be transferred.

What’s Been Improved

Here are some key benefits that our customers will enjoy when contacting the new high-quality customer support site: support.ctl.net site:

  • Streamlined service requests. The Zendesk interface was thoughtfully designed to enable the same response in only a few steps.
  • Flexibility to create tickets from anywhere. CTL customers will have the ability to easily create a ticket by emailing support@ctl.net as well as through many other channels of inquiry— website, phone, email, chat, or even social media. This capability will make things easier for customers who communicate with multiple methods.
  • Greater accountability. Zendesk shows CTL techs clear ownership of issues, along with documentation of what has been done, which leads to better customer service. Customers can submit issues easily and track what is going on with them.

At CTL, we value our customers and want to ensure that you receive high-quality customer support. We hope you won’t need our support desk, but if you do, we’ll do all we can to make sure that you have a quick resolution to your issue and a positive experience.



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