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CTL's Ready-To-Ship!

 Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator

The current global health crisis has caused many shifts and changes in our lives. With schools and businesses closing and social distancing policies in full effect, remote collaboration has become an essential part of our daily lives. CTL is considered an essential business and has been fortunate to be able to keep our doors open and continue to serve our customers during this especially difficult time. 

CTL is in a unique position to serve those in need of remote collaboration devices. Free shipping is available on all ctl.net orders over $99. Our warehouses currently have stock of:  

Having the right tools to efficiently work from home will greatly benefit your workflow and you’ll feel better equipped to prepare for the possible changes all businesses and schools may have to face in the near future. With ready-to-ship products and the ability to continue daily operations, CTL can ship Chrome devices, monitors, keyboards and accessories directly to your at-home employees or students.

CTL is committed to helping bridge the gap and assisting our customers through this period of staying productive during isolation. Remote collaboration has never been more necessary and everyone must make adjustments to accommodate the current state of events. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing essential work from home devices.


By Nani Kalakau | Marketing Coordinator
Nani Kalakau is the Marketing Coordinator at CTL. She loves to create, travel and experience different cultures.


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