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Dental Offices – Get The Latest in X-Ray Image Display With CTL LED Monitors!

photoThe dentist’s office is never at the top of people’s list of favorite places to go, unless you’re the dentist who has the office. If you have a dental practice, you’re always looking for new ways to get people into your office. Because people often see a visit to the dentist as a chore, many dental offices are trying to make the trip more enjoyable to patients by updating their offices to be more accommodating. One way they’re doing this is incorporating new technology in their offices, which also saves money in the long run.

Having a monitor to display patient x-rays brings a modern feel to the room. It allows patients to view instant X-rays displayed on a high definition monitor, which then in turn makes them feel more confident about the care they’re getting. It’s a great way to engage patients by making their X-rays immediately accessible so they can ask questions and see their teeth in detail right in front of them in the chair.

It used to be that after an X-ray was taken there was a wait for the radiograph to be processed, but now right after the image is taken it’s sent to a computer that can display the image instantly. Another advantage of using a monitor instead of a standard radiograph is that the image size is larger and can be zoomed in on. This is helpful when diagnosing patients with smaller cavities or explaining X-rays to a patient.

However, there are more uses for a monitor in a dentist office besides just having one in each patient room displaying digital radiographs. Place one in the front office as a digital sign to greet patients as they enter and give them the latest news and information about dentistry and your office. Or have one displaying a map if the office in a large medical complex.

All CTL monitors have High Definition image quality, so it’s easy to see every detail in each tooth. Each monitor also has a 1920 x 1080 display ratio, for maximum clarity.  The 2ms response time ensures there is no lag when displaying new information on screen and the anti-glare coating also prevents any possible misreads caused by lighting. The LED backlighting in each monitor saves on energy costs and ensures that all your images are brightly displayed. Every CTL monitor can be VESA mounted on a wall or other flat surface.

CTL monitors make a great fit for any dentist office. Take a look at CTL’s selection of monitors for dental offices and choose which one is right for your office!