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Google Apps for Education Now Called G Suite for Education

Same Apps to be Offered in G Suite for Education, With a few updates

Google Apps for Education is now called G Suite for Education. For the most part, this is a name change and educators won’t have to make any adjustments on their end. However, a few of the apps have gotten new features to make them easier to use and increase functionality. As part of G Suite for Education, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Calendar have gotten some handy updates.

New Features in Google Sheets

Explore in Google Sheets is a new feature added to Google Sheets to allow students to create smarter spreadsheets. Automated charts and insights will allow students to more easily summarize spreadsheet data. In addition, questions can be converted into formulas to assist students who have difficulty writing formulas. According to Google, “Students can simply enter a question using natural language and Explore in Google Sheets will use natural language processing to translate the question into a formula and offer an instant answer.”

Easier Searching with Google Docs

Explore has also been added to Google Docs, adding the ability to search and find related documents from Drive. Students and teachers will also be able to use Explore in Docs to obtain automatic recommended topics to learn about.

Better Presentations in Google Slides

Explore in Google Slides has new features to improve presentations by offering a number of layout selections to help students and teachers better format their slides.

Streamlined Teacher Scheduling with Google Calendar Update

Using what Google calls “machine intelligence,” the latest version of Google Calendar will help educators easily find a time when invitees are free and suggest available rooms based on previous bookings.

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